Electrochemical Science and Engineering

Presentations from our group

Electrification of vehicle powertrains

Dr Gregory Offer gives a talk titled 'Electrification of vehicle powertrains, from the fundamental electrochemistry of batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells, to systems engineering and integration' at the National Physical Laboratory in April 2014.

London Climate Forum 2012 - Fuelling the Future

Professor Nigel Brandon, Director of Energy Futures Lab, Imperial College, London, Jeremy Leggett, Founder and Chairman, Solarcentury and SolarAid, and Dr Ling Ge, Research Fellow, Imperial College, London discuss fuelling our future.

How Supercapacitors Work - A step by step guide

A guide to how supercapacitors work created by group Alumni Dr Wasim Sarwar

Surface cooling vs Tab Cooling in Lithium-Ion Cells

Our latest research on how thermal management of lithium ion batteries affects degradation.

Hydrogen fuel cell powered guitar - Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana - Imperial College London

Dr Michael Parkes, PhD Alumni, plays electric guitar powered by a fuel cell system he helped design & build.

Small, smart turbines - a low carbon need

Downsizing the internal combustion engine may be the key to low carbon vehicles, says Professor Ricardo Martinez-Botas (Mechanical Engineering) in his inaugural lecture.
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