Lisa Phillips

As part of the ImperialSAID seminar series, join us for a talk from Lisa Phillips (Co-Chair of Able@Imperial) on disability in STEM.


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Lisa Phillips, Strategic HR Partner at Imperial College London, will talk about her personal experiences of living and working with a disability. Lisa will discuss the ongoing challenges she faces and the support she has received from the College, her friends and her family. This talk will provide insight into working with a disability in academia and steps we as a community can take to support disabled members. Lisa is also Co-Chair of the Able@Imperial staff network for disability and disability supporters.

Able works on the following themes:

A – Awareness of disability at work / Able to work/ Ability Focus

B – Benefit of Able Networking in raising the profile/ providing guidance and support to staff and managers

L – Listen and share experience of disability issues with the aim of helping to remove barriers

E – Encourage and increase the declaration of disability

About the speaker

Lisa has worked at Imperial College for 34 years. Appointed at the age of 17 in 1985, she was hired to work as Personnel Assistant in the Personnel and Estates office at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (based at Hammersmith Hospital). In 1997, the Royal Postgraduate Medical School became part of the Imperial College School of Medicine. During this time, Lisa was promoted to several different roles within Human Resources (HR) and is now the Strategic HR Partner for FOGIT and the Business School, based at the South Kensington Campus.

Lisa was awarded the Imperial College Medal in recognition of the considerable contribution she has made to the life and work of Imperial College in October 2016.

In 2015, Lisa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a neurological condition that affects her nerves. The MS vary widely and can range from mild to debilitating. It can cause fatigue, numbness, tingling, vision problems and a loss of mobility.

About ImperialSAID

To drive sustained cultural change, individuals from all demographics need to be aware of biases in society and what they can contribute to effect real progress. ImperialSAID (Scientists Advocating for Inclusivity and Diversity) strives to facilitate an understanding of EDI literature, provide a platform for minority researchers as role models and to unite staff and students in support of EDI.

The first ImperialSAID seminar series will run throughout the Spring Term of 2020. Created for and delivered by the Imperial College London community, ImperialSAID will be the largest collaborative seminar series to focus on raising awareness of biases in STEM and to redefine workplace culture within the university.

Every fortnight, a one hour talk and networking session will take place at the Hammersmith Campus in February, March and April 2020. Each seminar will be delivered by a speaker from Imperial who identifies with the following minority groups: Women in STEM, BAME in STEM, LGBTQ+, Disability in STEM. The seminars will also represent early career researchers. Speakers will emphasise the evidence base for equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) initiatives, drawing on primary research conducted in EDI initiatives, the speaker’s personal career journey and practical advice on advocating on behalf of others. This event will be open to all students, staff and alumni, of all genders and career stages, across all Faculties and Campuses at Imperial.

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