Dr Andrew Tuplin

Please join us at the latest instalment of the Wright-Fleming Institute Infection and Immunity Seminar Series.


About the Speaker


Research in my group is focused on investigating molecular mechanisms by which structured RNA, encoded by mosquito transmitted arbovirus genomes, act as dynamic RNA-switches – controlling critical aspects of virus replication through switching conformation and interactions. Specifically, we are interested in how such mechanisms are mediated by alternative interactions with host/viral proteins and microRNA, within mosquito and human host cells.  As well as advancing our understanding of fundamental mechanisms by which RNA arboviruses control different aspects of their replication cycle, we are interested in the potential of such RNA interactions as therapeutic targets.

We predominantly work on Flaviviruses (dengue and Zika viruses) and Alphaviruses (chikungunya, O’nyong nyong and Ross river viruses). 

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