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How does it feel to glimpse distant corners of our solar system, never seen by humans before? How do you go about selecting the exact camera settings to capture a picture of Mars? How do you convince NASA to take on a new mission?

To shed light on these questions, we are incredibly excited to introduce you to planetary scientist, Dr Veronica Bray Durfey, the star of our next Alumni Spotlight event.

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Veronica graduated from Imperial with a PhD on ‘Impact crater formation on the icy satellites of Jupiter’ and this year was the recipient of our inaugural
Emerging Alumni Leader Award. After leaving Imperial, she continued studying impact cratering and gained experience working on missions to the Moon, Mars, and Pluto. Partnering her theoretical and observational work with her mission’s operations has positioned Veronica as an expert advisor on the development of future NASA missions.

The event will be chaired by fellow impact cratering expert Professor Gareth Collins. It may be a little technical for young children to follow, but we encourage parents of space-enthusiasts to bring along older children with a basic knowledge and interest in space to enjoy this inspiring conversation.

Join us as we hear about the evolution of planetary surfaces, commanding spacecraft operations and what it’s really like to work for NASA.

This event is the latest in our Alumni Spotlight series, where we aim to shine a light on the passions and expertise among our community.