Hyperfoods Kimchi making workshop

Join Kitchen Theory founder Jozef Youssef and Imperial’s Dr. Kirill Veselkov, for a live Kimchi making cook-along and discussion of their collaborative HYPERFOODS project. 

During this cook-along Jozef will lead you through the process of preparing the HYPERFOODS cookbook Kimchi recipe, while Kiril answers your questions on how his team used DreamLabs technology to find cancer-fighting molecules in everyday foods.  

To take part you will need, approximately:  

  • 1kg Savoy cabbage  
  • 200g carrot 
  • 100g celery 
  • 50g ginger 
  • 50g garlic 
  • 40g Gochujang (available at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose)   
  • 100g fresh orange juice 
  • 50g fresh lemon juice 
  • 10g dill 
  • 10ml Fish sauce 

To prepare in advance:  

Please take approximately a 1 kilo Savoy cabbage and tear off the leaves, then gently wash. Lay the leaves in a food safe container one at a time, sprinkling each layer with a couple of pinches of sea salt. Once all the leaves are layered, cover the surface with clingfilm and press the cabbage using a chopping board, plate or bowl. Leave overnight at room temperature. 10 minutes before the live session; remove the cabbage from the container and rinse thoroughly. 

Download the hyperfoods kimchi recipe (pdf)


  • Jozef Youssef, Kitchen Theory founder & chef patron
  • Kirill Veselkov, Principal Investigator and Lecturer in Computational Medicine of Imperial College London


The idea that the foods we consume have an impact on our health and wellbeing is indisputable and has been gaining traction in recent decades, yet still most modern medicine fails to consider nutrition. It is a lack of research which inspired Kirill and Jozef to begin the HYPERFOODS project. Since 2018 the duo have worked on research that can be developed into delicious recipes which potentially optimise people’s diets, improve their wellbeing and reduce chronic diseases. 

Imperial Lates Online 

This event is part of Imperial Lates Online: Food for Thought. Tune in to explore cutting-edge science and engineering in our week-long digital celebration of science from 30 November to 6 December. 

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