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Imperial Lates Online are our free after-hours adult events exploring cutting-edge science and engineering at Imperial in creative ways. Be inspired and join us for a week of discovery as our researchers share the wonder of what they do.


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Imperial Lates Online: Wellbeing

26 October - 1 November

Explore how science is helping us understand and improve our mental and physical health.

From fitness video games to the emotional toll that COVID and climate change are placing on the next generation, we will explore how science is helping us understand the negative influences on our wellbeing, and embrace what is truly good for us.

  • Discover whether computer games can work harder to make us fitter and improve our physical health
  • Create your own abstract expressionist cityscapes and explore how the world around us affects our wellbeing with a unique drawing class hosted by artist Daksha Patel and researcher Rhiannon Thompson
  • For Black History Month, look at the technological and social support available for young black men dealing with mental illness
  • Join us for a panel discussion with psychologists, psychiatrists and digital health experts to help us build a survival kit for winter wellbeing. 
  • How does sleep affect our wellbeing? Ask sleep scientists anything in our Reddit AMA. 

Register for Imperial Lates Online: Wellbeing to receive a full programme including links to join our various live events.

Imperial Lates Online are most suitable for over 18s.

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Future events

Dinner plans 
30 November – 6 December 
Explore the future of food, from the science of cooking to the impact of our food choices on the environment and local economy. 

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Back to Nature

Illustration of person in nature

Catch up with all the events from Imperial Lates Online: Back to Nature and join an artist and plant scientist at a plant drawing workshop, see who triumphed in our great outdoors-inspired poetry slam, and watch a debate on lockdown’s impact on the environment. Discover Back to Nature

Staying Connected

Imperial Lates Online illustration for connectivity

How can technology help us to feel closer to friends and family? Catch up with our events as we imagine a new interconnected future. Join our debate on how lockdown has changed the future of work, put pen to paper in our creative postcard workshop, or see our special Reddit Ask Me Anything where you posed your questions to our Computational Privacy Group on the safety of track and trace systems. Discover Staying Connected

Healthcare Heroes

Illustration of healthcare workerHear personal stories from those who are working on the pandemic frontline and those who are developing the hospitals of the future. Catch up with all our events to explore how cutting-edge research is improving our NHS for patients and staff alike as we celebrate the people who care for our nation. Catch up on Healthcare Heroes