Dr Rongjun Chen

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Vaccines: Development, Manufacturing and Distribution

The theme discussed in this webinar will be:

Nanoformulations for Targeted Vaccine Delivery and Stable Storage at Ambient Temperatures


Dr Rongjun Chen

Reader in Biomaterials Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr Rongjun Chen is a Reader in Biomaterials Engineering and heads the Biomaterials and Nanomedicine Laboratory in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. Before joining Imperial in 2013, he did his PhD and postdoctoral work at University of Cambridge and then started his tenure-track position as a Group Leader and BHRC Senior Translational Research Fellow at the University of Leeds. His current research mainly focuses on rational design, synthesis and manufacturing of polymer- and lipid-based nanoformulations for targeted delivery of small-molecule and biomacromolecular agents. He has extensive experience in developing biomimetic polymers, lipid-based nanovesicles and multifunctional nanoparticles. He has a track record of collaborating with major companies and SMEs, and has developed a translational research programme on heat-stable vaccine delivery formulations, cell and gene therapies, cancer treatment and thrombolytic therapy.

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