Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering

The Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE) is one of Imperial College London's Global Institutes, drawing on the strength of its four faculties to address some of the grand challenges facing the world today. The Institute's activities are focused on tackling problems where molecular innovation plays an important role.

introducing the institute for molecular science and engineering

IMSE seeks to transform the way in which engineers, scientists and medical researchers build on scientific breakthroughs at the molecular scale to develop novel solutions to challenges faced by society and industry.



A new approach to molecular research

Through its activities in education, research and translation to practice, IMSE fosters a new approach to molecular research that brings holistic solutions to emerging grand challenges.

A transdisciplinary ethos underpins the IMSE vision to develop new ideas through a networked approach to research, and accelerate the innovation cycle from concept to reality.

The Institute brings together researchers from a diverse range of specialisms to network, communicate and collaborate, and connects these researchers with a wide spectrum of stakeholders including industrialists, interested individuals, government representatives, and researchers from other academic institutions, to enhance discovery and innovation within the molecular field. 

The Institute was established in August 2015 to transform existing engineering approaches to such challenges, capitalising on the recent and unprecedented progress that has been achieved in our understanding of molecules, nanoscale assemblies and their properties, and on the wide-ranging expertise of the Imperial research community in breakthrough engineering and molecular sciences.