The core team for the CDT consists of:
NameDepartmentResearch Interest
Prof Christos Vassilicos  Aeronautics (CDT Director) Turbulent flows, fluid mechanical mixing, passive flow control
Prof Matt Jackson  Earth Science and Engineering Geological and geophysical fluid mechanics, numerical modelling of multi-phase and transport processes in porous media flow. Director of Sustainability
Dr Chiu Fan Lee Bioengineering Biological physics, active matter, phase transitions in biology, biopolymer self-assembly. Director of Outreach
Prof Omar Matar Chemical Engineering Multiphase flows, heat and mass transfer, stability, interfacial flows, CFD, soft matter, complex fluids. Director of Operations
Prof Jonathan Morrison  Aeronautics Active control of transitional and turbulent shear layers; drag reduction. Director of Research

Prof Ann Muggeridge

 Earth Science and Engineering Numerical and analytical modelling of porous media flows (isothermal and non-isothermal, multiphase), diffusive transport, reduced order modelling. Particular interests in oil recovery. Member of the Management and Research Committees
Prof Demetrios Papageorgiou Mathematics Multiphase flows, interfacial electrohydrodynamics, surfactant effects, thin films, micro-flows, dissipative dynamical systems. Director of Teaching
Dr Maarten van Reeuwijk Civil and Environmental Engineering Buoyancy driven flows, urban micro-climate, turbulent boundary layers, mass transfer, free-surface flows, numerical methods, HPC. Member of the Teaching, Research, and Management Committees
Prof Berend van Wachem Mechanical Engineering Multiphase flows, numerical methods, CFD, multiphase turbulence modelling. Acting Director of Sustainability
A large number of other Imperial academics are involved in teaching and research. See the Research page for more information.
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