IMSE eventThe IMSE Highlight Seminar Series is one of our flagship, community-building activities.

For this Series, we bring eminent speakers from around the world to Imperial – to increase awareness of areas where molecular science and engineering can make a valuable contribution. The visits also boost our level of interaction with other academic and industrial centres of excellence.

Since its inception in 2015 we have hosted a number of high-profile guests including Professor Paula Hammond (MIT), Professor Clare Grey (University of Cambridge), Professor Lee Cronin (University of Glasgow), Professor Matt Tirrell (University of Chicago) and Professor Frances Arnold (Caltech).

Highlight Seminar Series

2020 - 2021 Highlight Seminars

Highlight seminars will be held online until further notice. 

If a seminar has past please click on the title to view the recorded seminar.

24 September 2020: Professor George Malliaras (University CambridgeElectronics on the Brain

14 October 2020: Jocelyn Bleriot (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) Circular Economy 

9 December 2020: Professor Emma Kendrick (University of Birimingham) Sustainability in Batteries; Materials, Electrode and Cell Design to Recycling

23 February 2021: Professor Koon Gee Neoh (National Univerisity of Singapore) Antimicrobial Surfaces via Molecular Engineering Strategies for Biomedical Applications: Opportunities and Challenges

13 April 2021: Professor Pattie Maes (MIT) Cognitive Enhancement

22 June 2021: Professor Demetrios Anglos (University of Crete and Associated Researcher at IESL-FORTH) Laser and Optical Technologies in Heritage Science - How Smart can we get?

2019 - 2020 Highlight Seminars

25 November 2019: Professor Themis Prodromakis (University of South Hampton) Memristive Technologies: from functional oxides to AI on a chip

5 December 2019: Dr Natalia Shustova (University of South Carolina)  Photophysics and Electronic Structure of Metal-Organic Frameworks

23 January 2020: Professor Paul Shearing (UCL) Understanding Batteries from the Atom to the Device

6 February 2020: Professor Marc Koper (Leiden University) Electrochemistry of platinum: new views on an old problem

2018–19 Highlight Seminars

22 November 2018: Dr. Pieter in 't Veld (BASFModelling of Complex Formulations and Polymeric Systems

24 January 2019: Professor Paul Raithby (University of BathMolecular Platinum(II) Pincer Complexes for Sensing Volatile Organic Compounds

21 February 2019: Dr. Jacqui Cole (University of Cambridge) Data-driven molecular engineering of functional materials

21 March 2019: Professor Mike Payne (University of CambridgeFrom the atom to the material

9 May 2019: Professor Giuseppe Battaglia (UCL) Molecular engineering of precision nanomedicines

 11 June 2019: Professor Clotilde Policar (Ecole Normale Supérieure) A new frontier in inorganic chemistry

2017–18 Highlight Seminars

12 October 2017: Professor Adah Almutairi (University of California, San Diego) Rare earth metals in medicine

16 November 2017: Professor Clare Grey (University of Cambridge) Developing and applying new tools to understand how materials for Li and “beyond-Li” battery function

11 January 2018: Professor Lee Cronin (University of Glasgow) Artificial-intelligence-driven synthesis and the digitisation of chemistry

22 February 2018: Professor Jas Pal Badyal (Durham University) Function nanocoatings for technological and societal applications

8 March 2018: Professor Matt Tirrell (Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago) Polyelectrolytes in multivalent ionic media: new physics and new materials

21 May 2018: Professor Frances Arnold (Caltech) Innovation by evolution: bringing new chemistry to life

7 June 2018: Professor Philip Withers (University of Manchester) Completing the picture: correlative multimodal information across length and timescales

21 June 2018: Professor Sophia Haussener (EPFL) Modelling, experimentation and scaling of solar fuel processing devices

2016–17 Highlight Seminars

20 October 2016: Professor Bill David (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) Energy storage and the chemical bond

3 November 2016: Professor Ellis Gartner (Lafarge Central ResearchMineral binders: chemical and physical challenges in cement and concrete science

26 January 2017: Professor Andy Cooper (University of Liverpool) Energy–structure–function maps: designing functional materials 'from scratch'

9 February 2017: Professor Tom McLeish (Durham University) Global low-frequency protein motions in long-range allosteric signalling

23 February 2017: Professor Michael Ward (New York University) Stopping crystal growth in its tracks: pathways to thermapies for pathological crystallisation

23 March 2017: Professor Julian Eastoe (University of Bristol) Surfactants at the design limit

27 April 2017: Professor Paula Hammond (MIT) Nanolayered drug-release systems for regenerative medicine and targeted nanotherapies (This event was kindly sponsored by BASF SE)