The molecular science and engineering research framework
The multistep process chain that links molecular-scale insight to engineered final products, such as a 'smart' surface that can prevent the spread of bacteria in a range of situations.

The concept of molecular science and engineering – melding a deep understanding of molecular science with an engineering mind-set – is emerging as a powerful way to create novel, effective and sustainable solutions to a variety of grand challenges.

In this holistic approach, final function and end-use requirements become an integral part of the underlying scientific research. Commercially ready materials can be realised in an accelerated, flexible and economic manner.

IMSE co-ordinates a range of bespoke workshops and activities to bring Imperial's academics together around specific grand challenges problems and industrial needs.

Grand challenges and research

Grand challenges

IMSE's current grand challenge focuses include:

  • Making clean and affordable water supplies available to everyone around the world.
  • Inhibit the spread of infections and to limit the growing threat ofantimicrobial resistance.
  • New and sustainable manufacturing processes for the developing world.
  • Realising a viable and sustainable global energy supply to reduce the effects of climate change.

Align your research

We encourage any Imperial academic whose work and interests align with IMSE's mission to become an Affiliate.

As an Affiliate, you will be provided with the opportunity to actively participate in our events and to thus meet, communicate and collaborate with other researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds. Affiliates also play a key role in defining our research agenda.

We currently have more than 100 Affiliates from 15 Imperial Departments.

External partnerships are also integral to IMSE's work. As an IMSE partner, stakeholders have the opportunity to define workshop themes or pre-competitive challenges, to engage with Imperial-based experts, and to help educate and recruit high-level graduates.