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Education support

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Research and operations

Institute Management

Research and operations

Education support

  • Ms Rebecca Smith

    rebecca smith

    Personal details

    Ms Rebecca Smith Education Manager (maternity cover)

  • Professor Michael Lovett

    mike lovett

    Personal details

    Professor Michael Lovett Director of Postgraduate Studies

  • Professor Sue Smith

    sue smith

    Personal details

    Professor Sue Smith Director of Education

  • Dr Jemma Trick

    jemma trick

    Personal details

    Dr Jemma Trick Education coordinator

  • Mr Tony Umelo

    Mr Tony Umelo

    Personal details

    Mr Tony Umelo Postgraduate Research Education Administrator

    Supporting NHLI's PhD and MD(Res) programmes.

  • Ms Uzma Chaudhary

    Ms Uzma Chaudhary

    Personal details

    Ms Uzma Chaudhary Education Administrator

    Supporting Intercalated BSc in Cardiovascular Science and MSc in Preventive Cardiology.

  • Ms Sarah Fort

    Ms Sarah Fort

    Personal details

    Ms Sarah Fort Education Administrator

    Supporting Intercalated BSc in Respiratory Science & MSc in Genes, Drugs and Stem Cells - Novel Therapies.

  • Miss Eleanor Wilde

    Ellie wilde

    Personal details

    Miss Eleanor Wilde Education Administrator

    Supporting MSc in Genomic Medicine.

  • Miss Lizzie Lomer

    Lizzie Lomer

    Personal details

    Miss Lizzie Lomer Education and Communications Administrator

    Supporting BSc in Remote Medicine and communications for education at NHLI.

  • Mrs Deborah Buck

    Deborah Buck

    Personal details

    Mrs Deborah Buck Education Administrator

    Supporting MSc in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Healthcare

  • Ms Megan Jones

    Ms Megan Jones

    Personal details

    Ms Megan Jones Assistant E-Learning Technologist

Operations support

  • Mr Richard Mattin

    Mr Richard Mattin

    Personal details

    Mr Richard Mattin Respiratory Divisional Manager

  • Mr Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    Personal details

    Mr Matt Smith Cardiovascular Divisional Manager (Acting)

    Matt is also the  Administrator for Vascular Science and Myocardial Function

  • Dr Desmond Chow

    Dr Desmond Chow

    Personal details

    Dr Desmond Chow Administrator for Genomic Medicine & Population Health and Gene Therapy

  • Ms Cheryl Costello

    Ms Cheryl Costello

    Personal details

    Ms Cheryl Costello Administrator for Myocardial Function

  • Ms Catherine Enright

    Ms Catherine Enright

    Personal details

    Ms Catherine Enright Administrator for Myocardial and Vascular Biology

  • Mr Peter Moore

    Mr Peter Moore

    Personal details

    Mr Peter Moore Administrator for Obstructive Airway Disease, Respiratory Pharmacology and Molecular Medicine

  • Ms Laura Rogers

    Ms Laura Rogers

    Personal details

    Ms Laura Rogers Administrator for Inflammation, Repair and Development

  • Mr Aurick Zachery Sahota

    Aurick Sahota

    Personal details

    Mr Aurick Zachery Sahota Operations Assistant

     Supporting the Vascular Science and Myocardial Function Sections

  • Ms Tubah Sarwar

    Tubah Sarwar

    Personal details

    Ms Tubah Sarwar Administrator for Physiology and Disease Prevention, and Heart Science



  • Mr Dan Solanki

    Mr Dan Solanki

    Personal details

    Mr Dan Solanki Administrator for Respiratory Infection, Infection and Immunity and COPD and Asthma (St Mary’s groups)

Outreach and Athena SWAN

Health and Safety


  • Ms Laavannya Paramanathan

    Ms Jacqui Simmonds

    Personal details

    Ms Laavannya Paramanathan Finance Manager

Web and communications