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Research and operations

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  • Miss Emma Bowman

     Miss Emma Bowman

    Personal details

    Miss Emma Bowman Cardiovascular Divisional Manager

  • Mr Richard Mattin

    Mr Richard Mattin

    Personal details

    Mr Richard Mattin Respiratory Divisional Manager

  • Ms Anna-Marie Griffiths

    Ms Anna-Marie Griffiths

    Personal details

    Ms Anna-Marie Griffiths Administrator for Inflammation, Repair and Development



  • Mr Dan Solanki

    Mr Dan Solanki

    Personal details

    Mr Dan Solanki Administrator for Respiratory Infection, Infection and Immunity and COPD and Asthma (St Mary’s groups)

  • Mr Peter Moore

    Mr Peter Moore

    Personal details

    Mr Peter Moore Administrator for Obstructive Airway Disease, Respiratory Pharmacology and Molecular Medicine

  • Dr Desmond Chow

    Dr Desmond Chow

    Personal details

    Dr Desmond Chow Administrator for Genomic Medicine & Population Health and Gene Therapy

  • Ms Cheryl Costello

    Ms Cheryl Costello

    Personal details

    Ms Cheryl Costello Administrator for Myocardial Function

  • Ms Catherine Enright

    Ms Catherine Enright

    Personal details

    Ms Catherine Enright Administrator for Myocardial and Vascular Biology

  • Mr Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    Personal details

    Mr Matt Smith Administrator for Vascular Science and Myocardial Function

  • Ms Tubah Sarwar

    Tubah Sarwar

    Personal details

    Ms Tubah Sarwar Administrator for Physiology and Disease Prevention, and Heart Science



Outreach and Athena SWAN


  • Ms Monika Rahman

    monika rahman

    Personal details

    Ms Monika Rahman Finance Manager

  • Ms Jacqui Simmonds

    Ms Jacqui Simmonds

    Personal details

    Ms Jacqui Simmonds Finance Administrator

E-learning, web and communications