The Department's competency standard for postgraduate MSc and MRes courses may be found in the Physics PG Competency Standard‌.‌

If you need to make a request for mitigating circumstances for assessed coursework (if you missed an examination because you were ill, for example) you can find the forms here for Major mitigation, where you have missed a major item of coursework such as a written examination and for minor mitigation, where you have missed a problem sheet or lab report.

If you have any problems or concerns, you can contact the Postgraduate Administrator, Loli Sanchez Rey.

News and events


Events/Information which you might be interested in:  

Invited Lecture

Title: Optical quantum states on an integrated platform

Speaker: Professor Roberto Morandotti

Date: 11 October 2018

Time: 2-3pm (lecture), 3-4pm (coffee and cakes)

Venue: Huxley 340

Abstract and more information about Professor Morandotti can be found under the following link:

If you are thinking of attending the talk, please sign up (it's free) under the link above. Looking forward to seeing many of you there!


‘Health and Wellbeing on a Changing Planet’ symposium for Imperial College London academic staff and students 

          27th September 2018 | 10:30 – 16:30 | G34, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, South Kensington Campus

The aim of this symposium will be to generate dialogue and foster interdisciplinary awareness between researchers at Imperial whose work may contribute to our understanding of health and wellbeing on a changing planet.  Understanding the interdependencies between human  health and the state of the planet on which we depend is by nature a highly interdisciplinary field bringing together Public Health, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and many more. 

 The day will include a panel session featuring Imperial College researchers from a range of disciplines whose work concerns health and wellbeing on a changing planet.  The day will also include a Q&A session and an interactive workshop to further explore the realities of conducting environmental change and health research.

For more details, and to register your attendance, please follow the Eventbrite link below.

 The confirmed speakers for our second session, to discuss the environmental change and health research pipeline are:

  • Dave Stone- Natural England

  • Samuel Hinsley- Lancet Planetary Health

  • Dr Geovanni Leonardi- Public Health England

The timetable for the event is shown below. Please feel welcome to attend for all or part of the day’s events:

10.00 - 10.30           Coffee and Introduction

10.30 - 11.00           Welcome and Opening Remarks

11.00 - 12.30           Health and Wellbeing on a Changing Planet Research at Imperial – (Panel session)

12:30 - 13.30           Lunch

13.30 - 15.00           Environmental change and health research pipeline (Q & A session)

15:00 - 15:30           Coffee break

15:30 - 16:30           Roadmap for research at Imperial (Workshop)

16:30 - 16:45           Closing remarks

Lunch will be provided, as well as a drinks reception from 16:45

The Healthy People, Healthy Planet team, on behalf of the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet Doctoral Training Partnership, based at the Grantham Institute.

Entrepreneurship Events:

All students:

A unique opportunity to meet new people, develop your innovative ideas, win prizes (£2500 fund) and jump start your year by participating in an action packed weekend full of enterprising challenges and fun.

Tickets are £10 and rest assured that we're making it worth the investment.

Weekend fuel provided in the form of snacks, pizza, and beer!

 Female students:

Accelerate your entrepreneurial and leadership skills by participating in the below events and programmes this October!

 Attend WE Inspire conference

 Apply for the WE Innovate programme

 Career information:

 The Physics Department has a dedicated Departmental Careers Advisor, Professor Lesley Cohen.  She can be contacted at  Also, Jane Pooler, Careers Consultant from Central College  She is a very important part of the department.  More information on Careers and what the department and College offers can be seen at

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Winter Data Science Fellowship Opportunity

Program: The Data Incubator is an intensive 8 week fellowship that prepares masters students, PhDs, and postdocs in STEM and social science fields seeking industry careers as data scientists. The program is free for Fellows and supported by sponsorships from hundreds of employers across multiple industries. In response to the overwhelming interest in our earlier sessions, we will be holding another fellowship.

Who Should Apply: Anyone who has already obtained a masters or PhD degree or who is within one year of graduating with a masters or PhD is welcome to apply. Applications from international students are welcome. Everyone else is encouraged to sign-up for a future session.

Locations: In addition to the below in-person locations, we will have a remote online session:

    • New York City
    • San Francisco Bay Area
    • Boston
    • Washington, DC.

Dates: All sections will be from 2019-01-07 to 2019-03-01.

Application Link:

Data Science in 30 minutes: Learn how to build a data-science project in our upcoming free Data Science in 30-minutes webcast. Signup soon as space is limited.

Learn More: You can learn about our fellows at The New York Times, LinkedIn, Amazon, Capital One, or Palantir. To read about our latest fellow alumni, check out our blog. To learn more about The Data Incubator, check us out on Venture Beat, The Next Web, or Harvard Business Review.

Exercises that all MSc/MRES/CDT students should focus on: