Future-proofing chemists

ROAR is developing a new approach to training scientists with skills in chemical synthesis, analytical science, automation/robotics, reaction engineering and mathematical/data analysis.

Future-proofing chemists


Analytical Tools, sensors, controllers, programming synthesis, data collection and curation


Data-mining, design-of-experiments, parallel experimentation, statistical and multivariate analysis, machine learning

Future-proofing chemists


Reactor design, flow and batch chemistry, kinetic analysis, transfer processes, process intensification, LCA


Kinetic analysis and modelling, identify reactive intermediates, theoretical modelling of reaction pathways

MRes in Advanced Molecular Synthesis

Our MRes in Advanced Molecular Synthesis trains students in designing molecules and synthesising them in an efficient manner on a meaningful timescale. This multidisciplinary programme combines a 9-month project of original research with courses and training in the latest approaches designed to automate, analyse and understand synthetic processes. Through ROAR our students have access to world leading facilities, and an expert training programme.

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