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Research Assistant \ Associate in Biosensing and Diagnostics at Imperial College London

Closing date: 23 September 2020
Ref: ENG01373

The purpose of the post is: designing, synthesising and characterising nanostructured materials for applications in biosensing of disease biomarkers taking a multidisciplinary approach integrating materials science and bioengineering approaches to yield functional nanomaterials that will enable good biomarker detection for infectious and non-communicable diseases. These nanomaterials will be investigated for their recognition and binding capacities and evaluated for use in assays such as lateral flow or point-of-care or ELISA-based formats. The post also involves the clinical validation of the bioanalytical techniques.

The post-holder will be active within a vibrant and multidisciplinary environment comprising multiple projects in the group of Professor Molly Stevens. This post will liaise closely with researchers trained in a wide array of faculties, including nanomaterials, engineering, as well as biology (with focus areas in drug delivery, tissue engineering and diagnostics).

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Postdoctoral Research Associate at Kings College

Fixed Term Contract: 2 years
Closing date: 25 September 2020
Ref: 004864

This 2-year post-doctoral position in the laboratory of Dr Katie Long is funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), and will investigate the function of extracellular matrix in human neocortex development. The Centre for Developmental Neurobiology is a world-leading centre in the field of developmental neuroscience and brain disorders, situated in central London. We are seeking a bright, talented and self-motivated post-doctoral researcher to join our team. Candidates should have, or be about to obtain, a PhD in Neuroscience or closely related disciplines. They should have strong experience in developmental neuroscience and imaging techniques. Skills in biomechanics, biophysics or time-lapse imaging are desirable, as is a knowledge of human cell/tissue culture.

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FACS Facility Manager at Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford

Closing date: 25 September 2020
Ref: 147325

We are seeking to appoint a full-time FACS Facility Manager to provide the core Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) facility in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford. This facility serves the FACS and analytical flow cytometry (FC) needs of scientists in one of the largest departments of the Medical Sciences Division within the Oxford science area. The post-holder will be responsible for running, maintaining and developing the FACS and FC services, including the day-to-day management, maintenance, training, booking system, data storage and adjustment and calibration of existing instruments. The post-holder will be the first point of call for trouble-shooting and liaison with manufacturers and service engineers. The post-holder will also act as a focal point for collaborations with scientists.

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Biomedical Research Technician at Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge

Fixed Term Contract: 1 year
Closing date: 1 October 2020
Ref: PS23976

Applications are invited from enthusiastic, motivated and experienced Research Technicians to join Cambridge Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine based in Dr Sanjay Sinha's group, within the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, and in Dr Cathy Wilson's group in Department of Pharmacology. This post is funded by a BHF Centre grant and University of Cambridge Joint Research Grants Scheme. The Sinha Lab uses embryonic stem cells to generate cardiovascular cells to treat damaged hearts  and the Wilson lab investigates novel techniques to restore cardiomyocyte proliferation.

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Group Leader at The Gurdon Institute

Fixed Term Contract: 5 years
Closing date: 19 October 2020
Ref: PR20475

The Gurdon Institute, a world-leading centre for research in developmental and cancer biology, is seeking candidates for Group Leader appointments. We encourage applications in any areas that complement and expand our existing strengths. Our 16 research groups address mechanisms that underlie development and disease through work in humans, model organisms, organoids and cell systems via employing state-of-the-art technologies such as super-resolution imaging, single-cell analyses, genome engineering, genomics and computer modelling.

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Senior Laboratory Research Scientist at Francis Crick Institute

Fixed Term Contract: 4 years
Closing date: 6 November 2020

We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Laboratory Research Scientist to join the Santos laboratory headed by Dr Silvia Santos at the Francis Crick Institute. The lab focuses on understanding cell decision-making. Current areas of research include understanding regulatory mechanism of cell division and cellular differentiation, using human embryonic stem cells as a model system. There is a strong focus on single cell analysis, live cell imaging and genomics. The team is currently composed of two PhD students, one undergraduate student and three post-doctoral fellows.

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Senior/Principal Research Fellow at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Fixed Term Contract: 5 years
Closing date: 30 Jun 2021
Sainsbury Wellcome Centre encourage applications from scientists at all independent career stages from across the globe, with an ambitious research plan that tackles hard questions in circuits, systems and behavioural neuroscience. A shared goal of SWC group leaders is to generate experimentally testable theories of brain function in a culture that encourages bold research, innovation, and collaboration.
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Scientist in Cell Technologies at Mogrify
Ref: S20B
This company is looking for a highly skilled and ambitious Scientist to push the boundaries of cell reprograming. The right candidate will believe nothing is impossible, and that given the right opportunity, their hard work and adaptability will allow them to achieve the highest standards, delivering world-class science, commercial success, patient impact.