MEng. Civil Engineering “Transport, Environmental Impacts and Safety”

The module aims to: 

  • Provide students with a thorough understanding of the principal environmental impacts and safety concerns of transport.
  • Equip students with tools and techniques for evaluating air quality, noise and climate impacts of transport at local and global scales.
  • Train students to understand and evaluate the principles of transport risk and safety, specifically with respect to different transport modes and human factors.

Lecturer: Dr Arnab Majumdar / Dr Marc Stettler

MEng. Civil Engineering / MSc. Transport “Highway Engineering”

The module aims to:

  • Assess the impact of recent trends in logistics and supply chain management. 
  • Present the strategic, tactical and operational levels of transport. 
  • Introduce routing and scheduling methods used in tour and load planning. 

Lecturer: Dr Arnab Majumdar

MSc. Transport “Air Traffic Management”

The module aims to:

  • Introduce the functional elements of Air Traffic Management (ATM), ground and airborne. 
  • Understand the components of current ATM systems and future ones. 
  • Cover the constraints to the operation of ATM systems including: airspace capacity; operational airspace safety; environment and economics. 

Lecturer: Dr Arnab Majumdar / Prof Washington Ochieng

MSc. Sustainable Energy Futures "Sustainable Transport"

The MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures aims to develop the next generation of leaders in the energy sector. This postgraduate course provides grounding in the major features of global energy issues, sustainable energy technologies and their interactions with economics, the environment and policy. The module "sustainable transport" is held in the second term and covers specifics of sustainability management as well as technologies within the transport and logistics industry.

Lecturer: Dr Arnab Majumdar / Dr Marc Stettler