[Navier-Stokes equations with a photo of a river rapids in the background]

This website describes the research of Prof. Sergei Chernyshenko and his students and colleagues he collaborates with. The website focuses on the actual content of the research. The primary goal is to facilitate interactions with researchers around the world and potential students.

There is another website, of the standard Imperial College format. It also includes a section on research, but it focuses more on describing the research record, publications, achievements and so on. Here, it is all about science.

Prof. Chernyshenko conducts research in theoretical fluid dynamics, with strong emphasis on mathematics and a motivation of being in the Pasteur's quadrant that is both seeking fundamental understanding of scientific problems, and, at the same time, seeking to be eventually beneficial to society. His research is also distinguished by a very large scope. The research topic pages on this website cover only a small part of that scope. Hopefully, the topic you are interested in is one of those covered, but if it is only listed in the Research topics page, go to the Contact Info page and get in touch, or look in the side bar here for a chance to meet.

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