Sergei Chernyshenko

Prof. Sergei Chernyshenko is the Principal Investigator, Imperial College team. He is also responsible for overall coordination and management of the project.

Prof. S. Chernyshenko holds a Chair in Aerodynamics in the Department of Aeronautics of the Imperial College, London. Until November 2007 he was a Professor of Fluid Dynamics in the University of Southampton, which he joined in 2000 after more than 25 years of association with the Moscow State University, Russia. He has performed many analytic and numerical studies on different topics in fluid dynamics, including nonlinear stability of air-cushion vehicles, turbulent supersonic separated flows with heat and mass injection in the separation region, triple-deck flows with separation, three-dimensional separation, hydraulically driven centrifuges, rotating stall in axial compressors, and various questions of high-Reynolds-number asymptotics of fluid flows. Chernyshenko's most well-known result (first published in Russian in 1988) is the high-Re asymptotics of the steady solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for the flow past a bluff body. Since 1996 the focus of his interest has shifted to the problem of turbulence and the problem of flow control. In particular, lately he has been working on the theory of organised structures in near-wall turbulent flows, turbulent drug reduction, and application of the Sum-of-Squares approach to flow stability. Chernyshenko was the PI on several EPSRC grants, including a project on "Fluidic control for turbulent drag reduction" under the EPSRC-Airbus Active Aircraft programme. He also coordinated an EU FP6 project on control of vortical flows.


  • The project has ended.
  • Paolo Luchini visited us on February 2016.
  • Mihailo Jovanovic and Armin Zade visited us during the two weeks 2-15 November 2015.
  • All our postdocs secured positions which will allow them to contninue working in cooperation with us: Deqing Huang will be a full professor at the Southwest Jiaotong University, China, Davide Lasagna will be a Frontier Fellow at the Universiy of Southampton, UK, and Giorgio Valmorbida will move to a faculty position at the Supelec and Paris-Sud University, France. Well done!
  • Next progress meeting on February 23.2015.
  • Remote conference was held on 5.02.2015.
  • Sergei was at UCLA attending the Mathematics of Turbulence programme. He gave two presentations about the project.
  • Remote conference was held on 30.10.2014.
  • Remote conference was held on 09.06.2014.
  • A progress meeting was held at Imperial College on 27.03.2014.
  • Charles Doering is at Imperial 25-27.03.2014 and in Oxford 27-28.03.2014 He is giving a talk on 26.03, see "Miscellaneous".
  • Remote conference was held on 14.03.2014.
  • Sergei gave a talk at the NeZaTeGiUs conference NeZaTeGiUs conference on 02.03.2014.
  • Deqing went to China 26-30 December and gave a talk at a workshop organized by the State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou.
  • Remote conference was held on 20.12.2014 The record is available from Sergei.
  • Paul visited London and Oxford for two weeks in October, and took part in the project meeting on 21.10.
  • Sergei gave a talk at ICNAAM 2013.
  • Remote conference was held on 19.09.2013 The record is available from Sergei.
  • Remore conferences were video recorded on 14.05, 06.06, 25.06, 11.07, 16.08, and 21.08.2013 The records are available for the members of the team from Sergei, but the records are not in the repository, to save space.
  • July 2013. Deqing gave a talk at the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China.
  • June 5 and 6, 2013. Our remote conference was spread over 2 days this time.
  • May 19-31, 2013. Sergei was in Stockholm, taking part in NORDITA Stability and Transition programme, and the follow-on SIG-33 workshop, where he gave a talk on using SoS in fluid dynamics.
  • May 14, 2013. We had our first remote conference. It was interesting, and useful. Giorgio, Davide, and Deqing presented, and we all had a good chat.
  • April 22, 2013. SVN repository for the project was created by Paul, hosted at ETH.
  • Kick-off meeting on April 18 went fine.
  • Paul is here!
  • Paul Goulart will be visiting Imperial from April 15 to May 3.
  • 30.03.2013 This website opens.
  • 28.03.2013 Project mailing list created.
  • 11-15.03.2013 Wynn visited Doering in Michigan.
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  • 19.02.2013 Chernyshenko visited Southampton team.