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Causes and consequences of obligately asexual evolution

Horizontal gene transfer between bdelloid rotifers questioned, The Scientist, July 2018

Cross-contamination explains "inter and intraspecific horizonal genetic transfers" between asexual bdelloid rotifers. Wilson, C.G., Nowell, R. W. & Barraclough, T. G. 2018. Current Biology 28, 2436-2444.

DNA Contamination

Four bdelloid rotifers in the genus Adineta

We still don't know how strange, celibate animals evolve, Imperial College, April 2018

The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry: The Enigma of Sex, BBC Radio 4 interviews, February 2018

Study sheds new light on sexless creatures, Imperial College, June 2013

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