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Diego is a PhD (student) researcher in the Energy Systems Modelling Group at Imperial College’s Sustainable Gas Institute, and is part of the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP at the Grantham Institute. He is sponsored by the SENESCYT Universities of Excellence Scholarship Scheme and is a scholar of the Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Ambato, UTA-Ecuador. At UTA, Diego teaches Non-Conventional Energy Resources and Thermal Machines. He has recently completed the two-year Master of Engineering with Advanced Studies, Specialisation in Energy Systems, Griffith University, Australia and his previous studies are a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, National Polytechnic School, Ecuador.

At Imperial, his current area of research is based on Geographical Information Systems, GIS-based and Agent-based modelling (ABM) approaches to assess global decarbonisation pathways of the residential sector. This sector is a classic case of all of the challenges of modelling technology deployment. Decarbonising space heating and cooling, water heating, lighting and appliances requires the adoption of clean and low carbon technologies to meet demands for energy services. However, modelling the residential sector still requires a robust understanding of the spatio-temporal variabilities of the end-use energy demand and how agents behave when investing in new technologies to meet their energy demands. Integrated Assessment considering GIS & ABM in the global energy system can help stakeholders such as academia, government, industry and users with understanding and long-term planning the use of cost-effective low carbon and renewable energy technologies.

Diego is part of a team of energy systems modellers associated with the SGI working in the implementation of MUSE, the Modular Universal energy system Simulation Environment to enable transparent and flexible analysis of energy system transitions. Diego also has a very keen interest in further researching areas related to energy conversion from solar and geothermal energy, waste to energy technologies and the use of natural gas.


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Date Degree/Award/Position


PhD researcher at ICL


Scholar at UTA-FICM (in leave for PhD studies)


Awarding a fully Scholarship for PhD studies from the Ecuadorian Government – SENESCYT.


Honorary Visiting Research Scholar at Griffith School of Engineering


Senior Leader at Student Success Division at Griffith University

2014 - 2015

Master of Engineering with Advanced Studies, Griffith University, Australia

Awarding the 2015 Griffith Award for Academic Excellence, top 5% of students, GPA: 6.13/7, Distinction 

Specialisation: Energy Systems


Leader at Student Success Division at Griffith University


Awarding a fully Scholarship for Master studies from the Ecuadorian Government – SENESCYT.


Engineer Researcher at  National Polytechnic School (EPN), Quito, Ecuador


Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, EPN, Accumulative GPA: 27.2 (with 30 the highest)


Advanced Certificate in Energy Efficiency

Ministry of Energy, Ecuador


Assistant of laboratory, EPN, Experimental Physics laboratory of The Faculty of Science.


Assistant of laboratory with scholarship, EPN, Renewable Energy and Efficiency Energy laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering



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Moya D, Paredes J, Kaparaju P, 2018, Technical, financial, economic and environmental pre-feasibility study of geothermal power plants by RETScreen-Ecuador's case study, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol:92, ISSN:1364-0321, Pages:628-637

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