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James Sefton is currently a Professor of Economics at Imperial College Business School.

James is the Principal Investigator on the ESRC funded project ‘Changes in the Distribution of Resources across Generations in both the UK and the US’, Academic Director of both Investment and Wealth Management (IWM) and Finance and Accounting (F&A) MScs and Co-director of the Financial Technology MSc.

He was previously Principal Scientist at the hedge fund ‘Winton Capital Management’, and Head of Global Quantitative Research at UBS Investment Bank.

His economic research agenda focuses on questions about intergenerational equity, pension policy design and long run trends in the housing market. As a quantitative finance researcher, he is interested in the design of both quantitative investment strategies and retirement investment products.

Recent Work on the State of the Universities Pension Scheme:

Two recent papers - joint work with David Miles - analyse the risk inherent in the Universities pensions scheme (the USS). The first measures the risk implicit with the USS scheme  can be accessed here.

The second paper outlining a way forward out of the current impasse with the USS is available here.  

A Financial Times article outlines the main conclusions of the analysis. You can see that article here

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications