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Simon Cornish, University of Durham

Matthias Keller, University of Sussex

Giovanni Barontini, University of Birmingham

Rachel Godun, National Physical Laboratory

Tim Steimle, University of Arizona

Benoit Darquie, Universite Paris 13

Jeremy Hutson, University of Durham

Research Student Supervision

Almond,J, Laser cooling of YbF molecules for an improved measurement of the electron electric dipole moment

Bieniewska,J, Buffer gas cooling and mid-infrared spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules

Bulleid,N, Slow, cold beams of polar molecules for precision measurements

Bumby,J, Towards a fountain of ultracold YbF molecules

Caldwell,L, Deep laser cooling and coherent control of molecules

Freytag,R, Simultaneous magneto-optical trapping of Ytterbium and Caesium

Hambach,M, Development of a magneto-optical trap for CaF molecules

Ho,C, Towards a measurement of the electric dipole moment of the electron with YbF molecules

Holland,D, Progress towards laser cooling of BH molecules

Jarvis,K, The blue-detuned magneto-optical trap

Kaushik,A, Trapping, transport and polarisation of ultracold lithium

Nohlmans,D, A permanent magnet trap for buffer gas cooled atoms

Rabey,I, Improved shot noise limit of the YbF EDM experiment

Skoff,SM, Buffer gas cooling of YbF molecules

Stack,J, An ultracold lithium source for investigating cold dipolar gases

Tokunaga,M, Production and Stark deceleration of lithium hydride molecules

Trigatzis,M, An ultracold molecular beam for measuring the electric dipole moment of the electron

Truppe,S, New Physics with Cold Molecules : Precise Microwave Spectroscopy of CH and the Development of a Microwave Trap

Wall,T, Decelerating and guiding heavy, cold, polar molecules

Williams,H, Producing, trapping and controlling ultracold CaF molecules

Wright,S, A microwave trap for atoms and molecules

Zhelyazkova,V, Laser cooling of CaF molecules