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Mr Ronald Kam

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Glaucoma research: wipe-out of vision after cataract surgery

Dr Kam has teamed up with colleagues at Moorfields Eye Hospital to jointly design and run a national surveillance study into the risk and incidence of severe visual loss (termed wipe-out) after cataract surgery. This is currently being run by the British Ophthalmic Surveillance Unit (part of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of the UK), supported by a generous grant from the Special Trustees of Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Yellow reporting cards are currently still being sent out monthly to all UK consultant ophthalmologists - thank you to all who have replied or are looking out for cases.

Protection of eyes in ventilated, critically ill patients

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Dr Kam has published a national study on the procedures used to protect the eyes of patients ventilated on critical care units. This included an investigation of the prevalence of protocols that maximise the recognition and early management of ophthalmic complications such as exposure keratopathy and microbial keratitis. The exact methods used to protect eyes in these patients were surveyed. Current research is focused on developing new strategies to prevent exposure keratopathy in at-risk patients.

Diagnostic accuracy study of the AdenoPlus point-of-care system

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Dr Kam has published research investigating the sensitivity and specificity of the AdenoPlus point-of-care system in detecting adenovirus in conjunctivitis patients within a real-life setting at a major ophthalmic emergency department.