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This programme gives primary school students the chance to meet a real-life scientist and learn about their research in an engaging way.

Our Talk with a Scientist series gives primary schools the chance to watch a 10-15 minute pre-recorded talk, at a time that suits them, followed by a live Q&A with a researcher. The Q&A sessions take place on Microsoft Teams, with teachers able to submit questions on behalf of their class. Schools can register for one or several classes to participate in these sessions.

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Recorded talks

Getting medicine to the brain using sound and bubbles

Medicine doesn’t just involve doctors and nurses! Behind the scenes, medical scientists and engineers are working to develop new medicines and technologies.

Brain diseases are especially difficult to treat because the brain has its own protection system (known as the blood-brain barrier), which stops over 98% of medicines from ever reaching the brain. In this talk, Tiffany explains how we can use sound and bubbles to deliver medicines into the brain.

Tiffany studied MSci Chemistry and then a PhD in Chemistry and Bioengineering at Imperial. She is now a Postdoctoral Researcher in Oncology at the University of Oxford.