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The Department is housed in newly refurbished purpose-built space within the historic Royal School of Mines and its adjacent Bessemer buildings. Our Department boasts state-of-the-art laboratories, from 'wet labs' for cell culture, chemistry, histology, flow studies, biosensors and electrophysiology to 'dry labs' for modelling, electronics, 3D printing and imaging. The space has been designed to promote greater interaction among researchers, exactly what is needed for the interdisciplinary field that is modern bioengineering. 

 Cell culture  Cell and tissue culture  Kostadin Rolev  >Explore lab
 electronics  Electronics and fabrication  Paschal Egan      > Explore lab
 genomics  Genomics  Marta Garcia Bellmunt
 Joel Eustaquio
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 histology  Histology  Marta Garcia Bellmunt
 Joel Eustaquio
 >Explore lab
 microscopy  Microscopy imaging and characterisation  Kostadin Rolev  >Explore lab
 3d printing  Advanced 3D printing and biofabrication  Marta Garcia Bellmunt and Paschal Egan
 >Explore lab 
 testing  Tissue testing and motion analysis  
 >Explore lab
 workshop  Workshop  

Russell StraceyDan NardiniSatpal Sangha

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