For Schools and School Students


About Imperial Outreach

Imperial College London has a long established reputation for delivering excellent outreach activities to school and college students. We believe in raising the aspirations of all students, regardless of background, to fulfil their potential and apply to the right university for them.

Opportunities on offer range from open days for prospective students, inspirational science-based hands-on activities, summer schools, mentoring programmes in schools, exciting lectures and schools visits to help raise awareness of Higher Education.

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For Teachers

Outreach activities for both teachers and students are available during the year, both in-house and at schools.  The Imperial College Outreach Department  coordinate such visits, while in-house activities are run in conjunction with the Imperial College Outreach Department and our departmental coordinator Dr. Mel Bottrill.

Please do get in touch to discuss what can be offered to support your students and staff.

We also host the RSC Spectroscopy in a Suitcase programme – for more information and to book a visit to your school (subject to availability), please visit the RSC’s Learn Chemistry website

We take part in the Salters Festival of Chemistry annually. This event is for Y7/8 students, and usually takes place in April each year. Booking opens via the Salters Institute in Autumn each year.

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For School Students

We run a number of events throughout the year; check back here for upcoming events in 2018:

Salters Festival –  April 2018 (for Y7 & 8 students)

Chemistry Taster Day – Date to be confirmed  (for Y12 students)

Chemistry Taster Day– Date to be confirmed  (for Y12 students studying at non-selective state-funded schools or colleges)

Chemistry Lecture 2018 –  Date to be confirmed in March 2018

In addition, we host the Chemistry streams of the following College funded Summer Schools, details will be published early in 2018: 

Project STEM (for Y11 students)

Insights into Science and Engineering (for Y10 students)

Sutton Trust Summer School (for Y12 students).

Visit the College Outreach site for details of all events and programmes or sign up for the Outreach newsletter to get events open for booking delivered straight into your inbox!