School students during an outreach event

Our mission is to deliver excellent outreach activities to school and college students. We believe in raising the aspirations of all students, regardless of background, to fulfil their potential and apply to the right university for them.

Opportunities on offer across Imperial range from open days for prospective students, inspirational science-based hands-on activities, summer schools, mentoring programmes in schools, exciting lectures and schools visits to help raise awareness of Higher Education.

Our outreach activities are all about supporting schools, supporting teachers and providing resources that wll help inspire young people to study science and become leaders.

Find out more about activities involving the Department of Chemistry below.

Widening participation

We believe that anyone should have the opportunity to access a high-quality chemistry education regardless of their socio-economic background. We are committed to increasing the proportion of students that join us from underprivileged backgrounds. Find out more.

For school students

We run a number of events throughout the year for school students.

Newlands Lecture

The Newlands Lectures offer new ideas and perspectives from the world of STEM, giving secondary school students from all backgrounds the chance to explore a range of subjects.

The 2021 Newlands Lecture was given by Professor Tom Welton OBE on 'Chemistry and Sustainability: healthy planet, healthy future'.


This year's Newlands Lecture coincided with Earth Day (22 April), so it was appropriate that Professor Welton's talk focused on sustainability and showed how the application of chemistry in helping protect the planet, tackle climate change and pollution.

Read more about Tom's thoughts on chemistry's role in providing a sustainable future in this article for Chemistry World. You can also hear more sustainability perspectives from Tom in the Government Chemist Christmas webinar 2020, and Imperial's Chemistry Christmas Lecture in 2010.

Find out more about the Newlands Lecture Series.

RSC Women in Chemistry 2021

We are part of this multi-university initiative to provide online projects for girls aged 10-14 to do at school, in science clubs or at home.

Our project will take place during June 2021, and you can find all the information you need on the current project this month and previous projects on the Women in Chemistry website.

Y10 and Y12 Chemistry Taster Days

This event is open to any student who is currently studying Chemistry and we run them for students in Y10 or Y12. These will be running again in 2022!

In addition, we host the Chemistry streams of the following College funded Summer Schools :

For teachers and careers advisors

Outreach activities for both teachers and students are available during the year, both in-house and at schools.

The Imperial College Outreach Department coordinate most of these visits, while in-house activities are run in conjunction with the Imperial College Outreach team and our departmental coordinator, Dr. Simon Gerrard

Please do get in touch to discuss what could be offered to support your students and staff. We are looking to explore opportunities for more widely supporting across London and beyond. This may include talks about studying chemistry at university, mentoring A-Level students, teaching a class, or research talks from academics in the Department. Get in touch to discuss ideas, queries or suggestions you may have on

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NOTE: We are not hosting the RSC Spectroscopy in a Suitcase programme currently - for more information and to book a visit to your school by another institution (subject to availability), please visit the RSC's website.

We are also not taking part currently in the Salters Festival of Chemistry. This event is for Y7/8 students, and booking opens via the Salters Institute in Autumn each year. Do check the Salters website for information about host institutions.

Volunteers and demonstrators

We're always keen to recruit volunteers and demonstrators from within the Department to help with our outreach activities.

If you're interested in supporting our outreach activities, or if you have any ideas for new projects, please get in touch with Simon Gerrard

Outreach activities

Outreach activities

Outreach activities

Outreach activities

Outreach activities

Outreach activities