In 2018 many of the Department's activities moved into a custom-built facility at Imperial’s new White City Campus. This landmark building has been designed to support our vision for chemistry. It gives us the additional space and flexible infrastructure needed to realise the potential for major advances in the chemical and molecular sciences.


The new research home for the Department of Chemistry, the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH)


The main foyer

Lecture theatre

The 240 seat lecture theatre with 2 & 3D projection and a fumehood for experiments

NMR room

4th year Chemistry undergraduate student Louisa O'Hare working on her Inorganic synthetic chemistry research project in the new NMR lab in the Molecular Sciences Research Hub


The Agilent Measurement Suite provides unrivalled capabilities for researchers at Imperial and beyond to apply the latest measurement technologies to their research


The Centre for Rapid Online Analysis and Reactions provides hardware, software and expertise to facilitate studies on existing and new synthetic methodologies, particularly reactions that can deliver great atom- and step-efficiencies


The cafe and common room provides opportunities for networking and sharing ideas

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