This page provides a definitive record of the main features of the programme and the learning outcomes that a typical student may reasonably be expected to achieve and demonstrate if they take full advantage of the learning opportunities provided. This programme specification is intended as a reference point for prospective students, current students, external examiners and academic and support staff involved in delivering the programme and enabling student development and achievement.

Computing Courses

G400 Computing (BEng)
G401 Computing (MEng)
G700 Computing - Artificial Intelligence (MEng)‌
G430 Computing - Computation in Biology and Medicine (MEng)

Computing - Visual Computing and Robotics (MEng)‌‌

G402 Computing - International Programme of Study (MEng)‌‌ 
G501 Computing - Management and Finance (MEng)‌‌
G600 Computing - Software Engineering (MEng)‌‌


Joint Maths and Computing Courses

GG14 Mathematics and Computer Science (BEng)‌
GG41 Mathematics and Computer Science (MEng)‌
IG11 Mathematics and Computer Science - Pure Maths and Computational Logic (MEng)‌
GI43 Mathematics and Computer Science - Computational Statistics (MEng)‌


MSc Core Degree (1 year)

G5U6  MSc Computing


MSc Advanced Degree (1 year)

1 year

G5U0 MSc Advanced Computing‌


MSc Specialist Degrees (1 year)

G5U8  MSc in Computing (Artificial Intelligence)‌
G5U11 MSc in Computing (Computational Management)‌
G5U13 MSc in Computing (Visual Computing and Robotics)‌
G5U16 MSc in Computing (Software Engineering)‌
G5U20T MSc in Computing (Machine Learning)‌
G5U21 MSc in Computing (Security and Reliability)‌