10 - 14 June 2019

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  • Duration: 5 days
  • Fees:
    - per module £2000
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Module leaders

Jon Love, Peter Damer, Owen Lewis, Neil Winkcup

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Course aims

To develop an understanding of the nature of batch processing and of the issues involved in specifying requirements and developing application software for batch process control in relation to the structures and terminology of the relevant IEC standards.  

Learning objectives

  • To understand the sequential nature of batch processing and the structures of different batch plant types. 
  • To recognise the regulatory constraints (auditing, traceability, quality, etc) that apply in different batch processing sectors (eg pharmaceuticals). 
  • To appreciate the distinction between sequence control and batch process control, and how the former provides a basis for the latter. 
  • To understand the principal constructs of the IEC 61131 (Part 3) and 61512 (S88) standards for batch automation and how they relate to major equipment items. 
  • To become aware of the functionality of proprietary systems (PLC, SCADA, etc) for sequencing and batch process control applications. 
  • To develop a feel for good practice in relation to the development of application software and the management of major software projects. 

Course structure

This module is of one week's full-time intensive study consisting of a variety of formal lectures, a substantive case study and demonstrations.