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  • Duration: 3 days
    • Fees: - £345 Imperial staff and students
    • - £695 External delegates
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William Aberneithy

William is a leading, fully qualified technical trainer with over thirty years experience in both the industrial and educational technical training sectors. He has designed, implemented and delivered specialist training courses in topics such as high performance computing (HPC), general purpose GPU programming for HPC, web networking with wireless communication, cluster hardware installation, ARM RISC embedded systems design, programming languages including C, C++, C#, Java and CUDA, web technologies such as HTML, XML and JavaScript as well as Linux shell scripting.

He has trained delegates in financial institutions, educational establishments, charities and government offices and has implemented and taught training courses to students spanning many countries including England, Ireland, North America, France, Amsterdam, Germany, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and India. His most recent experience includes delivering ‘train the trainer programs’ to educational staff, Ph.D. students and middle to top level managers such that they understand the technology they are managing and directing.

William believes in a ‘hands-on’ approach to training and has a philosophy of breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces of information. He strives for excellence throughout the teaching of his courses such that delegates can learn objectives precisely and effectively and can go on to apply their knowledge day to day. His ‘hands on’ courses have therefore received excellent feedback from trainees with comments such as ‘William has an exceptional skill in making the most complex aspects of the course easy to comprehend and understand’.