20 - 22 November 2018

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  • Duration: 3 days
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    £995 before 20 October 2018
    - £1095 after 20 October 2018
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The reduction of power consumption in analog integrated circuits inevitably leads to lower speeds and higher noise levels, presenting a major challenge in present-day circuit designs. This course aims at developing design guidelines towards achieving optimum speed performance for low power and low noise simultaneously.

This is firstly shown for operational amplifiers, with up to three stages, involving negative resistors to reduce the power consumption. Then filters are discussed for noise-shaping in low-power sigma-delta converters. Finally design techniques are covered to reduce coupling in mixed-signal circuits.

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Course aims

This 3-day course has been designed to develop an in-depth knowledge on the design of analog integrated circuits, which have to achieve low power, high speed and low noise at the same time. Formal lectures are given. In addition there are several design exercises.

Many important aspects of analog design are covered, from the design of fully-differential operational amplifiers, to the design of filters and low-power Sigma-delta AD Converters.

Who should attend?

This course has been developed for several categories of designers:

  • novice designers to learn about design plans, such that they can master the art of optimum design for low-power and low-noise
  • digital designers to be able to design and to include low-power analog blocks on digital system chips
  • designers with analog experience, to update their design knowledge and to tune their experience to the present-day design procedures

Course method

This course will consist of a series of lectures and several design exercises. Several lectures are taken from the book “Analog Design Essentials” (Springer 2006) and supplementary notes are added as well during the course. The exercises are taken from existing designs and enable the participants to develop their own understanding and insight. 

Companies that have sent delegates

  • IMST
  • BAE Systems
  • Philips Semiconductors
  • QinetiQ
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • Analog Devices
  • Swindon Silicon Systems Ltd
  • ST Micro Electronics
  • Cambridge Consultants
  • Micronas GmbH
  • Semtech Ltd
  • Atmel SmartCard ICS
  • INFN Catania
  • Altera Europe
  • Digital Media Department
  • Austria Microsystems AG
  • Microcosm Communications
  • Powerwave UK Ltd

Comments from past participants

"A very useful course full of interesting ideas. Prof. Sansen's knowledge of the subject and mental ability is second to none."
"It is very good to be lectured by one of the world-class experts in this area. Profesor Sansen has presented a difficult design topic in an easy, interesting and stimulating manner."

"Well presented, well organised, up-to-date with excellent example of practical design, probably one of the best course on design you can get."