Day 1

The importance of breast milk and breasfeeding for preterm infants
Setting the scene for the day

  • Why breastmilk? Why breastfeeding?
  • Breastfeeding rates - national and local breastfeeding data
Lidia Tyszczuk
09.15‑09.45 The physiology of lactation
  •  An introduction to the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and early lactation
  •  Hormonal influences on the initiation and establishment of lactation
Caroline King
09.45‑10.05 Breastfeeding the very preterm baby
  • mothers' perspective
Dr Becky Armstrong
10.05‑10.50 Best practice: How to support the initiation of lactation. Helping mothers to increase their milk supply: A hand's on approach
  • Multidisciplinary approaches
  • Developing a lactation and breastfeeding checklist
  • Demonstrating and teaching hand expressing
  • Using galactagogues
Karen Platonos and Nicola Buckthorp
10.50‑11.20 Tea  
11.20‑11.50 Supporting changes in practice Neonatal BFI Accreditation Standards Carmel Duffy
11.50‑12.20 Breastfeeding support or pressure? Getting the conversation right
  • Helping families make informed choices about how to feed their babies
  • Practical tips on conversation styles and techniques
Dr Rosie Hurlston
12.20‑12.35 Medications and mothers milk
  • Common concerns and frequent mistakes in prescribing for breastfeeding mother
  • Resources and best practice tips
Katherine Hall
12.35‑13.05 The milk of human sadness: supporting bereaved mothers
  • Practical advice for the bereaved lactating mother
  • Stored breastmilk: can it be donated?
Gillian Weaver
13.05‑13.50 Lunch (Screening of "Small Wonders")  
13.50‑14.30 Free papers presentation  
14.30‑15.00 Incomplete, uncoordinated and in the wrong place: Understanding feeding to support development
  • Normal development of feeding skills and the effect of prematurity
  • Early supportive interventions
Annie Aloysius
15.00‑15.30 Transition to breastfeeding: From tube to boob
  • Feeding readiness cues
  • Assessing milk transfer and reducing tube top ups
  • Additional support strategies
Stacey Lawrence
15.30‑16.00 Break  
16.00‑16.30 Breastfeeding twins and more
  • Evidence based guidelines on breastfeeding multiples
  • The experiences of mothers of twins and multiples
  • What's helpful - top tips and resources - the Multiple Births Foundation
Margie Davies
16.30‑17.00 Supporting families following discharge from the neonatal unit
  • Case histories illustrating the needs of families after a preterm baby goes home
  • Lessons to learn from community experience
Robyn Winter, Maryam Kharusi and Caroline King
Introduction to Mining for Bankers