Departmental administration

Departmental Manager   Ms Elsa Paul
Finance Manager Ms Tingting Wu
Research Manager Ms Rita Carvalho
Staffing and Business Support Manager Ms Karen Pontifex 
Communications and Website Coordinator Mr Benjie Coleman


Director of Education Prof Hector Keun
Director of Postgraduate Studies Prof Michael Seckl
Deputy Director of Postgraduate Taught  Prof Dan Elson
Education Manager Alison Cambrey
Senior Postgraduate Education Administrator (Research)

Health and Safety

Director of Health, Safety and Compliance Prof Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami
Operations Manager Roger White
Senior Laboratory Manager  Dr. Yoyo Dixon

Anaesthetics, Pain Medicine and Intensive Care

Head of Section Professor Masaeo Takata
Divisional Manager Matt Ryan
Health & Safety Laboratory Manager Steffi Klier


Head of Division of Cancer Professor Iain McNeish
Divisional Manager  Matt Ryan
Finance Manager Mr Jeremy Batten


Head of Division    Professor George Hanna
HPB Surgery  Professor Nagy Habib
MSk Lab Professor Justin Cobb
Vascular Surgery Professor Alun Davies
Divisional Manager Dr Tony Tarragona-Fiol
Divisional Finance Officer Mr Eyo Oku
Health, Safety and Lab Manager Ms Steffi Klier

Faculty of Medicine - Key contacts

Visit the Faculty of Medicine - Key contacts SharePoint site for a range of information about Faculty and departmental organisational and committee structures, as well as key contacts for a range of leadership and governance roles.  

Faculty of Medicine - Key contacts SharePoint