Terms of Reference for Building User Groups (BUGs)

Building User Groups

Estate Operations are responsible for maintaining, altering, upgrading and servicing the College’s estate, managing these duties locally through dedicated Building Managers and specialist teams. Services are delivered through a mixture of in-house and contracted resources.

Building User Groups are established by Estate Operations as local forums, in which key building occupants can monitor and influence the delivery of Estates Operations’ services, assisting the local facilities management team to provide a good quality service.

 Model Terms of Reference

The Building User Group’s remit is to:

  • Identify and prioritise the business critical facilities requirements of the building’s occupants
  • Identify and allocate responsibilities for the performance of maintenance, testing, repair and soft services between Estates Operations and Departments/ Divisions within the building
  • Assist in the planning and logistical delivery of building or service related activities
  •  Consider the impact of any new activities on the building’s operation and functions
  •  Review the effectiveness of the services provided by Estates Operations and suggest ways of improving them
  • Ensure that health, safety and environmental issues related to the operation of the building and its services are identified, considered and reviewed
  • Complete the Building User Checklist, identify and prioritise actions arising from it, allocate responsibilities for completing these actions, monitor their implementation and review the Checklist annually and when the building’s operations change significantly
  • Keep under review the hazards survey and emergency response plan and emergency call-out list for each building

 Standing Agenda Items

 The following issues are to be considered at each Building User Group meeting as standing agenda items:

  • Departmental issues affecting the other building users or the campus
  • Health and Safety (including new hazards)
  • Fire
  • Security
  • Environmental Issues, including cleaning and waste management
  • Maintenance, testing and repair
  • New Projects and Refurbishments (including those conducted by other employers on the same site)
  • Tenant Issues (new tenants, induction, exchange of information on hazards)
  • Relocations
  • Accident and Incident Reports
  • Building Checklist Issues and progress
  • Any Campus-wide issues affecting the building

 Model Constitution


  • Normally the Building Manager for the building or campus


  • Departmental/ Divisional representatives nominated by the Heads of Department/ Division represented in the building
  • Safety Advisor, Health and Safety Services
  • The Maintenance Team Leader (where applicable)
  • The local Catering Supervisor (where applicable)
  • Representative(s) from maintenance contractor(s) (where applicable)


The Group shall report after each meeting by sending a copy of its minutes to the Head of Building Operations, the Head of each Department/ Division with a presence in the building and to the relevant Campus Dean and Faculty Principals.  Copies of the minutes will also be sent to the Safety Director and Safety Advisor, Health and Safety Services and to the Director of Risk Management. 


Building User Groups shall meet at least once a term.