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Contact our Customer Services Centre to request an Estates Facilities service

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Internal: 48000
External: 020 7594 8000


Customer Service Centre


We're on the 5th floor of the Sherfield Building at South Kensington

The Estates Facilities Customer Services Centre (CSC) provides a central point of contact for all members of College, across the wide range of Estates Facilities services, not just repairs and maintenance.

If we can’t help we probably know someone who can!

CSC is open between 08.00 and 17.00 hours, Monday to Friday.  Outside our office hours your call will be answered by Security, who will take note of your enquiry and report it to the relevant staff.

Our team handle around 50,000 reactive maintenance requests each year, and a further 25,000 planned preventative maintenance tasks on over 14,300 College assets.

The team work to BS 8477:2007, which is a nationally recognised Code of Practice specifying best practice customer service and customer surveys reveal a 93% customer satisfaction rate.

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Priority codes and response times

Your reports are prioritised according to urgency.  The codes we use are as follows:

Priority 1  

Immediate danger, Health & Safety or security risk (e.g. flood, loss of electricity)

Call +44 (0)20 7594 8000 (48000 internal)

Response Time: 0-2 hours
Priority 2 Essential equipment not working Response Time: 0-24 hours
Priority 3 Non-essential equipment not working Response Time: 0-48 hours
Priority 4 Routine works Response Time: 0-4 days
Priority 5 Low priority routine works Response Time: 0-7 days
Priority 6 Minor works (e.g. redecoration) Response Time: Written quotation supplied
Priority 7 Defect liabilities (e.g. faults on newly-installed services in new buildings/areas) Response Time: Investigation by Project Manager and contractor recalled
Priority 8 Hazardous Waste Removal (e.g. safely-contained toxics) Response Time: Soft Services team will contact to agree time frame
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Who will deal with my report?

An experienced member of staff will log your report and give you a unique number categorising the job by type and campus team.

We will refer your call to one of ten teams based over six campuses.

Will I receive feedback?

Yes, within the given response time. If you have not heard back within the response time, please contact the Customer Services Centre for an update. We will tell you who is dealing with your report and how, and give you an estimated fix time.

Can I fix the fault myself?

No, please leave repairs to the experts. Estates Facilities is responsible for all estates equipment, its maintenance and repair. No attempt should be made to repair or replace any equipment or services. Doing so could result in injury. Any tampering with College assets might also expose the College to serious breach of contracts.

Any unauthorised person found to have tampered with College assets or property may be cautioned subject to College disciplinary procedures.

Will I be charged for this service?

The cost of maintenance work (i.e. repairs to buildings) will be borne by the Estates Facilities Directorate. Improvement work (involving new components or systems) will be recharged to the appropriate Faculty/Department/Division requesting the improvement.