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Car park regulations

NB Use of College car parking facilities is subject to agreement to these terms and conditions.

Who can book car parking?

Car park bookings will only be accepted if they are made via the relevant Departmental Parking Representative.

Who can car parking be booked for?

Members of staff who do not hold an annual parking permit can book a parking space on campus on a very occasional basis. The booking will not be charged for, subject to the following criteria:

  • The reason for bringing a car into work is directly related to the ability to carry out an important task as part of their role at the College.
  • The booking is made with the Car Parking Office at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Individuals only make very occasional use of this facility.

Official College visitors can park free of charge providing they have been booked in by the Parking Representative of the Department or team they are visiting. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

To request changes to authorised Departmental Parking Representatives, please email your request to

Departmental Parking Representatives

Faculty of Medicine

DepartmentParking representative names
 UMO Teaching Tom Conway
 Faculty Centre Emma Staddon
 Institute of Clinical Sciences

Sharon Citrone

Mohammad Famili


Tanya Knowles

Mandy Hipwell

Gill Martin

Peter Moore

Rebecca V Parkin


Megan Winterbotham

Shajna Begum

Sophie Dunhill

Surgery and Cancer

Elizabeth Ogden (IRDB)

Maureen Francis (ICTEM)

Benita White

Nisha Patel

Kathy Lewis

Wendy Torto

Debbie Oram

Karen Pontifex

 School of Public Health

Jennifer Wells (WPEA)

Doli Aina (WPPA)

Pirkko Carmack (WPPA)

Pat Murphy (WPGA)

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty/DepartmentParking representative names

Mary Scott

Kasia Kmieckowiak


Chris Wood

Agnes Lee

Stefanos Karapanagiotidis


Andy Pope

David Whittaker

Anna Radomska


Malcolm Hudson

Vivienne Frater

Grantham Institute

Gosia Gayer

Christiane Morgan

Life Sciences (South Kensington campus)

Sandrine Nurboja

Karen Lyle

 Life Sciences (Silwood campus)  

Anthony Fitzgerald

Ibi Wallbank

Jana Sikorova on maternity leave from November 2018, covered by Valentina Cimaroli
 Centre for Environmental Policy Karen Lyle

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty/DepartmentParking representative names

Fortune Belletty

Lisa Kelly

Nigel MacCarthy


Laura McKay

Marc Livingstone

Adekemi Aofolaju

Joel Eustaquio

Kenneth Keating

Chemical Engineering 

Pim Amrit

Severine Toson

Civil Engineering

Computing  Ann Halford 
Earth Science & Engineering 

Daphne Salazar

Jaqueline Hughes

Electrical Engineering 

Victor Iswa

Hisham Maarki


Darakshan Khan

Catherine Graham
Mechanical Engineering 

Amit Choda

Val Crawford

Serena Dalrymple

Nina Hancock

Mark Holloway

Fabienne Laperche

Chrissy Stevens

Helen Stoneham

Faculty Office  Denise McGurk 
Biomedical Enginering

Gifty Kugblenu

School of Design Engineering 

Sam McKenney

Sarah Wissing

Business School

Faculty/DepartmentParking representative names
Business School

Gail Hallissey

John O’Neill

Sinéad Caushaj

Karolina Kulcycka

Jannine Hartley

Administration and other

Faculty/DepartmentParking representative names


Sharon Gould

Bernice Kaplan

Bio-incubator Heather Hayes
Catering (Campus Services)

Cyril Joseph

Alan Stafford

Inga Ryan


V Folkes

Sara Drew

D Harnett

W Steel

H Dean

Central Secretariat

Joanna Soja-Popieluszko

Central Library

Chris Wright

Central Communications

Joanna Wilson

Liz Scholfield

Conference Office

Zara Davidian

Suzanne Hoy

Marija Jevtovic

Emily Johnson

Armaghan Moshare

Kim Vieira-Martins

School of Professional Development

Betty Yue

Ulrika Wernmark

Development/Corporate Affairs to follow
Disabilities Mary Bown
Estates Development and Projects Michaela Dacosta
EYEC (Campus Services)

Tracey Halsey


Clare J Pearson

Kasia Pearce


Alison Dexter

Finance Jane Thompson Ambrose
The Hamlyn Centre Erh-Ya Tsui
HQ Rosie Russell
Learning Development

Tammy Wong

Eric Miranda

Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

Maggie Causley

Claire Stapley

Educational Development Aoife McCarthy
IC Consultants Monica Villafana Cerna
Imperial College Union

Darya Shirobokova

Sas Rhodes

Shakira Hylton

Robert Osborne

Brittannia McLeod

India Jordan

Gemma Pryor

Laura Fellows

Matthew Bowman

Paul Gallagher

Angela D’Souza

Zonya Christian

Imperial College Union Shop

Dhara Desai

Andrea Fluerasu

Imperial Innovations

Lucy Earnshaw

Panna Joshi

Dina Daley


Sue Jackson

Elmy Thompson

Reachout Lab Outreach
Music Centre (Blyth) Mary Bowe
Occupational Health 

Celine Jaquet

Ela Carter

Pro-Rectors Office

M Landymore

Linda Romain

Royal College of Music

Please consult the Royal College of Music for all email contacts:

P Russell
S Shamimi
C Tomlin
A McCarley

Registry Sue Otterwell
Research Services

Lynne Cox

Marie Browne

Campus Services

Mickie Turner-Goble

Aga Scibor

Pearl Anteh

Naomi Desautels

Safety Sangita Kerai