Sport Imperial gym refurb

Sport Imperial gym refurbishement works

Sport Imperial new gym equipment

A sneak peek at some of the equipment you'll soon be able to find at Ethos, Hammersmith and Charing Cross

We are excited to announce that we are installing new state-of-art gym equipment at Ethos, Charing Cross and Hammersmith gyms. As well as updating our existing equipment we’ll be introducing some new stations to mix up your routines. These facilities will also be getting a substantial makeover, with fresh paintwork and new flooring.

These works will be taking place during September, and will last several weeks. 

With such extensive works taking place, there will be some disruption, including gym closures. We have tried to mitigate this as much as possible by scheduling these works during this quieter time of the year, introducing a temporary gym in Ethos 5th Court and allowing access to the Performance Room at peak times. 

Whilst these works are ongoing, other facilities at Ethos will continue to operate as normal, however there will be no climbing available whilst the temporary gym is in place. 

We know disruptions are never welcome, however we hope the end results will be worth it. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during these improvements and we look forward to welcoming you to our improved facilities.

Schedule of work


Friday 7 September: Ethos Gym Closed 

Saturday 8 – Saturday 22 September: Temporary gym opens on Ethos 5th Court (available during centre opening hours), and access to the Performance Room (for free weights) at the following times:
Mon-Fri: 07.00–09.15 and 17.15–20.00 
Sat-Sun: All Day

Please note: staff only times will not be in operation during the gym refurbishment. 

Sunday 23 September: Gym closed

Monday 24 September: Gym reopens at 12.00


Monday 17 September – Tuesday 2 October: Hammersmith gym closed 

Wednesday 3 October: Gym reopens

Due to restrictions, it is not possible to offer temporary gym space at Hammersmith. Members with Hammersmith-only memberships will be able to access Ethos during this time.

Charing Cross

Monday 17* – Friday 28 September: Charing Cross gym closed 

Saturday 29 September: Charing Cross Gym provisionally reopens

* This date may be moved forward after assessment of preparatory works is completed. Please revisit for updates.

Due to restrictions, it is not possible to offer temporary gym space at Charing Cross. Members with Charing Cross-only memberships will be able to access Ethos during this time.

The strength and conditioning room at Charing Cross will remain open.

Ethos temporary gym

A number of cardio and resistance machines will be available on Ethos 5th court. 

The temporary kit will consist of:

Temporary Gym Kit: (30 people) 

  • 4 Treadmills
  • 3 bike
  • 1 recumbent bike
  • 1 spin bike
  • Chest Press
  • Leg curl
  • Leg extension
  • 3 rowing machines
  • 1-10kg DB rack
  • Mats
  • 3 Reebok steps
  • 1 Wall-mounted TRX
  • Misc. Box (2 foam rollers, ab wheel, thera bands, slider disks).

Those who wish to do free weights can access the Performance Room between 07.00–09.15 and 17.15–20.00.

If you have any queries about these works please get in touch.

Staff and Students
Please contact us via the ASK system

External members
020 7594 9527