Join the squash ladder at Ethos

Why not join our Squash Ladder and get fit in a fun and friendly environment, improve your game and your fitness levels. 

The Ethos squash ladder is open to all College staff, students and private Ethos members. You must be a member of Ethos to join the league. There is NO CHARGE to join the ladder but there is a small charge for court hire. The ladder runs for a total of 8 weeks on a rolling system.

There are  three divisions for different abilities:

  • Division 1: Advanced
  • Division 2: Intermediate
  • Division 3: Beginners

How to join:

Once you have registered with Ethos, please contact Andrew at: . Andrew will place you in the appropriate division based on your squash knowledge, ability and experience.

Please note: normal procedures apply when booking a court i.e. the court can only be booked up to 6 days in advance and must be paid for at the time of booking.  

Squash ladder FAQs

What is the cost of a game of squash?

It depends on the type of membership you have; there are 4 tiers of pricing (court time 45 minutes):

How do I join the league?

All members can join the squash ladder by contacting Jacek at Please e-mail your name, contact number and the level you would like to start on. Jacek will then add you to the appropriate division (Advanced, Intermediate, Beginners) and send you an invite onto the online squash league. From there all you need to do is follow the links to add yourself to the league.

How do I make a challenge?

To challenge another player select my ladders, positions and click on the challenge player tab next to that player.

How does the league work?

After being put into a league, members arrange the matches amongst themselves and designate 1 player to note the score on the website. At the end of the cycle, if someone wins more games than they lose, they will go up to the next division. If they lose more than they win, they will drop down a league. If there are an equal number of wins and losses they will stay in the same division.

What happens if my opponent is late?

If either party is more than 20 minutes late, the late or non-attender will lose the game 3-0.

How long is the League Cycle and what is the number of matches I must play in a League Cycle?

The league cycle runs for two months. The minimum number depends on the size of a particular league. Members will usually play about 4 or 5 matches within this two-month cycle. 

How many games are there in a match and what system of scoring is used?

Each match is the best of five games. Point a rally scoring to 11 is used. Examples of match scores could be 3-2, 3-1, 3-0, 2-2 (draw), 2-1 (out of time) and 2-0 (out of time).  Note the last three are still regarded as a result and points will be awarded.

What is the best way of ensuring I finish my games?

We advise members to pre-book the court for the coming week at a time to suit you. Please note that bookings can be made up to six days in advance.

Prior to booking a court, members are advised to make contact with other members in their division to ask if they are interested in playing them and on what date and time. Once this has been decided the court must be booked ASAP to avoid disappointment. If, for whatever reason, the session needs to be cancelled members are asked to contact Ethos reception ASAP to move booking to an alternative timeslot. 

Please note that Ethos requires that you cancel at least 24 hours before you are due to play unless there is an emergency.  If you cancel less than 24 hours before you are due to play, you will not get a credit and will lose your money.

What happens if I am unable to play due to illness or annual leave?

If you know you are going to be away for a certain length of time please try to arrange for your matches to take place before you go away. If this is not possible please inform the Squash ladder organiser, Jacek Grzegorzek, and he will enter you into an available league on your return. In the event of illness please inform your opponent and Jacek, and attempt to rearrange the match at a more convenient time.

I have tried to contact my fellow league players but cannot get a game or finish my matches. What do I do?

Contact Jacek Grzegorzek who will do his best to follow it up. He will contact players to ascertain their current status and availability e.g. retired, injured, temporarily out of the country, or moved away permanently.