• Centenary Enterprise Award: We are delighted to hear that two PhD students from the section, Giulia Ghiadistri and  Eli  Sailer were awarded the City and Guilds College Association Centenary Enterprise Award in Feb 2017.  This award recognizes the work Giulia and Eli did to organize the 2017 PhD Alumni reunion for PhD graduates from the section.
  • Evening Talk: On Tuesday April 17 2018 Dr. Laurie Wesley will give a talk about Prof. Bishop, a former professor in the geotechnics scetion.  The talk will take place at 6 pm in room 201 Skempton. Full details: Talk on Prof. Bishop
  • Seminar: On Feb 22 2018 Dr. Jonathan Fannin, University of British Columbia will deliver a talk on "Improved dam safety risk management of internal erosion"
  • 2018 Pre-Rankine Seminar: Prior to the BGA Rankine lecture on March 21, the Geotechnics Section will co-host, with the BGA,  a seminar on "Linking fabric, structure and soil behaviour: Recent advancements".  Details are given on the seminar programme.
  • MSc Graduate Named New Face of Civil Engineering: Neeraj Kumar Sharma who graduaded with a MSc in Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics in 2014 has been named a 2018 ASCE New Face of Civil Engineering.
  • 2017 Fleming award: We are delighted to announce that the PISA project was the winner of the 2017 BGA Fleming Award competition held on 6th December 2017 at the ICE.  The PISA project team includes staff and researchers from the Imperial Geotechnics Section.
  • 2018-2019 MSc Class: We are enjoying interacting with  our current cohort of MSc students. The 2017-2018 class comprises just over 40 students from 21 countries! We are still accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • 2016 Geotechnical Research Medal:  Dr. Jamie Standing and Prof. David Potts have been awarded the 2016 Geotechnical Research medal for their paper entitled The use of kinematic hardening models for predicting tunnelling-induced ground movements in London Clay that was published in  Géotechnique 66(2).
  • Other recent activities, events and news.