Good to know

  • Home and EU students don't have to pay tuition fees upfront, as they can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan from the UK government
  • These loans don't have to be paid back until students have left university and are earning over the repayment threshold

Students must pay tuition fees for every year of their course. The level of tuition fees your son or daughter will be charged is based on their fee status, which is assessed in line with UK government legislation after we receive their application.

Home/EU students

The undergraduate tuition fee for Home students starting at Imperial in 2018 will be £9,250 per year. Tuition fees for 2019 entry have not yet been announced. You should expect the fee to increase for each year that your son or daughter's course lasts, subject to UK government regulations on fee increases. 

But don't worry, this money doesn't have to be paid upfront – your son or daughter will be able to apply for a non-means tested Tuition Fee Loan from the UK government (see below).

The government has confirmed that EU students starting at an English university in the 2018–19 academic years will continue to pay the Home rate of tuition.

For information on how the EU Referendum result might affect EU students, please see our dedicated webpage.

Overseas students

Overseas student fees vary per course – see our course pages for details. Overseas tuition fees can also be expected to increase every year, by an inflationary amount based on the April Retail Price Index.

Students from outside the EU are not eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan from the UK government. However, we encourage your son or daughter to contact their Ministry of Education or British Council education advisor for information on what funding may be available towards their tuition fees. 

For more information on tuition fees, please visit our Fees and Funding webpages.

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Extra costs

Some of our degrees may involve extra costs that are not covered by tuition fees, for example protective clothing (like a lab coat) that may be required for practical work, printing costs, books and field trips. Please see our course pages for details of costs that may apply to your son/daughter's chosen course.

How do the Tuition Fee Loans work?

Tuition Fee Loans are available for Home students to pay their university tuition fees. The money is paid directly to your child's university through the Student Loans Company. Your son/daughter will need to apply for a loan for each year of study.

Tuition Fee Loans are also available for EU students starting at the College in 2018 for the duration of their course. Please check our dedicated EU webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Loan info

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Loan repayment

Loan repayments begin the April after your son/daughter has graduated or left university, and only when they are earning above the repayment threshold.

The amount they pay back each month is linked to how much they're earning, not how much they owe in total. Repayments are currently calculated at 9% of the amount they earn over the threshold.

Find out more about how loan repayment works.

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How to apply

Your son/daughter can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan through his/her local funding authority:

EnglandStudent Finance England
WalesStudent Finance Wales
ScotlandStudent Awards Agency for Scotland
Northern IrelandStudent Finance Northern Ireland
EU students: Student Finance Services Non-UK Team

Home students can also apply for a means-tested Maintenance Loan at the same time.