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  • Detailed fee and cost information for your child's course and year of entry are found on our course pages.

How much are fees?

There are currently two rates of tuition fees:

  • The Home rate (for UK students, and currently EU students)
  • The Overseas rate (for international students)

The rates charged are based on your child's fee status, which we assess after we receive their application.

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Home tuition fees

This is the maximum fee that universities are allowed to charge Home students and is set by the UK government.

For information on how the EU Referendum result might affect EU students and their fees, please see our dedicated webpage.

Overseas tuition fees

Tuition fees for overseas students are set by the College and vary depending on the course.

Overseas students are not eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan from the UK government. However, we encourage your child to contact their Ministry of Education or British Council education advisor for information on what funding may be available towards their tuition fees.

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Fee increases

All students should expect inflationary increases to their tuition fees for every year their course lasts.

Overseas fees increases are set by the College and are expected to rise each year by an amount linked to inflation.

Extra course costs

Some of our courses involve extra costs that are not covered by tuition fees. These can include, protective clothing, printing costs, books and field trips.

Additional costs can be found on the course page for your child's chosen course.

Tuition Fee Loan

If your child is a Home student they do not need to pay the cost of tuition upfront. They can apply for a non-means tested Tuition Fee Loan from the UK government.

If your child is an EU national, you can find out more about their loan eligibility.

How do the Tuition Fee Loans work?

The money is paid directly to the university through the Student Loans Company. Your child will need to apply for a loan for each year of study.

Loan info

Does the loan need to be paid back?

Yes, your child will need to pay back the Tuition Fee Loan.

Find out how loan repayment work.

The Tuition Fee Loan attracts an interest rate, even while your child is studying.

For more information about repayment of loans and interest rates, visit the Student Loans Company's website.

How can my child apply?

Your child can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan through their local funding authority:

England: Student Finance England
Wales: Student Finance Wales
Scotland: Student Awards Agency for Scotland
Northern Ireland: Student Finance Northern Ireland
EU students: Student Finance Services Non-UK Team

Home students can also apply for a means-tested Maintenance Loan.