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The Physics student handbook has some information about rule and regulations for examinations.

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Past Exam Papers

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The papers provided here are up to date as of the relevant examination that candidates sat in April/May/June. If any corrections were made to the paper during the examination, where possible the corrected paper is provided. If later revisions of the examination papers are received, the date of upload will be noted next to the relevant paper.

View exam papers from 2009 to 2019  (if you have not accessed these files before please login to Box)

Past Comprehensive Papers

Our Comprehensive Papers have a long tradition in the Physics Department, being the main method by which students are tested on their grasp of how to apply the few laws of physics in mostly unfamiliar situations.  Being a test of ‘thinking on your feet’, the Comprehensives are highly valued by employers and research groups, so a good result is sure to give tutors something to shout about in writing references! By their nature, they are quite difficult, and the only route to success is practice, practice, practice. I know what I’m talking about – I had to do them myself some years ago! To help you on your way, we have compiled a complete archive of recent Comprehensive Papers for you to try for yourself. Some papers have model solutions so you can see the style and detail of solution expected.

Martin McCall [11.04.13]

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Exam reports

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Corrigenda for Comprehensive Papers [Updated 03.12.08]

For further infomation on Comprehensive Papers contact Prof Martin McCall

Criteria for assessment of the exam essay and short notes questions


Model Solutions & Exam Feedback


These model answers are provided as a guide to students as to what is expected in a good solution to an examination question.  Due to the process by which they have been compiled it is unavoidable that there will be a few cases for which the model answer given here does not match the question asked in the final form of the examination paper.

We don't have control over the exams run by other departments (e.g. Computational Neuroscience is organised by Bioengineering) and as a result you might find that we don't have solutions for some papers. Other missing solutions could be due to being unable to find them or lecturers requesting that they are removed. We only host the last 3 sets of model answers. 

View model solutions.

REAL EXAMPLES OF EXAMINATION BOOKLETS - examples of real student attempts to answer questions in exam conditions. All examples are from 2004. All files are PDF.


View summer exam paper feedback from 2016 to 2019. (if you have not accessed these files before please login to Box)

Exam Contacts

Most examination enquiries can be answered using the materials on the Physics webpages, however, if you have further questions please see the list of contacts below:

General examinations enquiries should be directed to the Examinations and Information Officer, Victor Urubusi

Email: v.urubusi@imperial.ac.uk 
Phone: 020 7594 7508
Office: 313A, Blackett Laboratory

During the examinations season, if you have an urgent enquiry (for example, on the day of an exam you arrive in College and are unsure where the exam is taking place) and the Examinations and Information Officer is not available, please contact the Undergraduate Office:

Office: 317, Blackett Laboratory
Phone: 020 7594 7510 / 020 7594 7511

For enquiries about study support, mitigating circumstances and other welfare issues, contact the Senior Tutor, Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg:

Email: ph.stutor@imperial.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7594 7524
Office: 308, Blackett Laboratory

For enquiries about special examination arrangements, contact Mery Fajardo:

Email: m.fajardo@imperial.ac.uk
Phone: 020 7594 7513
Office: 306, Blackett Laboratory

Exam Season

For the Examinations Timetable, please see the 'Timetables' section of the Physics website.

Candidates who have confirmed Special Arrangement provisions and have been assigned an individual room will be contacted via email to confirm their examination venues.

Description: This document provides a helpful summary of how to complete the processes at the exam venues. It includes details on the use of the examination labels and seating plans. Please familiarise yourself with the contents of this document.