Funding opportunities

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Internal funding opportunities

Explore the wide range of internally funded schemes open to Imperial researchers

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External funding opportunities

  • Find out more about how to secure industry funding for research by visiting the Enterprise webpage
  • Find out more about European Commission Horizon Europe calls by visiting the European Commission webpages
  • Find out more about European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) calls managed by the Knowledge & Innovation Communities (KIC) team by visiting the KIC Programme Management webpages
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Managed external calls

Understand Imperial's process for handling external funding calls where applications per institution are limited in number

Understand how to secure an institutional statement of support for external funding calls.

Non–commercial funders (e.g. charities, Research Councils, Government departments/agencies) provide grants for projects, programmes, fellowships etc. through either Responsive Mode Programmes (applications accepted at any time) or Direct Mode/Managed Programmes (targeted ‘calls for proposals’ in specific areas within set deadlines). Funding opportunities are made available on funder or associated member organisations’ websites.

Funding opportunities by commercial funders are more likely to be developed from established academic/commercial networks or may result from an institutional/commercial framework. Commercial agreements (contracts) are usually considered to be either academically or commercially led.