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When an external funder restricts the number of applications that may be submitted per institution, an internal process is coordinated and put in place by the Funding Strategy team in the Research Office. Each process is defined by the particular restrictions of the call and is communicated to Imperial staff via an email cascaded through relevant Faculties and added to the list below.

Institutional letters of support may also be required for an external bid. Where the call requires this to be from the President, Provost, or Vice-Provost (Research), the Funding Strategy team in the Research Office will coordinate its provision. Find out more on the Institutional letters of support webpage. 

Managed External Calls

Open and Recurring calls

Open Calls

NERC Centre for Doctoral training

NERC has announced the NERC Centre for Doctoral Training funding opportunity to call for applications that address priority or emerging training needs within the environmental sciences.  More details, including the eligibility criteria, funding details and the application process, can be found on the NERC website.

Internal Process

Organisations may only be the administrative lead on one application and therefore an internal selection process has been established to identify the single College-nominated outline bid.

Those interested in applying to this opportunity are invited to submit a draft business case using the NERC internal CFS outline template for internal consideration.  Submissions should be made to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk  by the Deadline COB Monday 22 May 2023.  

All outlines will then be reviewed by an internal NERC CDT Selection Panel. Decisions are then expected to be announced w/c Monday 29 May 2023, ahead of the NERC outline deadline on Tuesday 13 June 2023.

For further detail contact Dr Suzanne Husein s.husein@imperial.ac.uk

UKRI Land use for net zero

UKRI has released a call to establish a coordination and translation hub for the transforming land use for net zero, nature and people programme: https://www.ukri.org/opportunity/land-use-for-net-zero-hub-lunz-hub/

Institutions are only allowed to lead on one proposal. This limit is applied at the final application stage, not the EoI stage. There are no limits on being a partner on proposals.

If you are aware of an Imperial-led proposal, please inform us via researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk. We can then support people and identify opportunities for working together if there are overlaps. The EoI submission (deadline 24 May) is via email to UKRI, so we would be grateful if the researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk email address could be copied in if a proposal with Imperial as lead is submitted.

We would also be interested in hearing about any proposals where Imperial is a partner, so similarly email us if you’re aware of any.

For further detail contact Dr Louise Sherlock 

Recurring calls

AXA Chair and Fellowship

For further detail contact Dr Louise Sherlock

There are two opportunities per year to put someone forward for an AXA Chair or Fellowship position (note Fellowship calls are for specific research areas). Imperial is only permitted to submit one candidate per round to each call, and the process is managed centrally. More information about these opportunities can be found on the AXA Chair position webpage or the Fellowships webpage

AXA Chair

The Chair scheme is primarily to attract an individual to the College and Departments should initially approach researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk stating the individual that they wish to attract and the strategic benefit to the College of pursuing an application. If the Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) is convinced of the strategic need, and the College has not met its application limit, the department will be informed of the next steps to continue the process.

AXA Fellowship

Interested candidates' Departments should initially approach researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk stating the individual that they wish to put forward/attract, why AXA is the best route to support them, and the strategic benefit to the College of pursuing an application. If the Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) is convinced AXA is an apropriate fit for the candidate, and the College has not met its application limit, the department will be informed of the next steps to continue the process.


NERC 'Pushing the Frontiers of Environmental Science Research' rounds (July and January closing dates)

For further detail contact Dr Louise Sherlock

In 2015, NERC introduced a Demand Management quota system, whereby institutions whose 6-round success rate for the former Standard Grants (response mode, including New Investigator grants) fell below 20% received a cap on the number of proposals they could submit for that financial year's rounds. Imperial is currently subject to this demand management quota, which is being applied to the new Pushing the Frontiers scheme. To manage the cap and increase the quality of proposals being submitted to avoid future restriction, an internal review group has been established to aid in the support (and selection where required) of bids. For more information view the NERC Demand Management webpage.

For further details of how to submit your proposal to the internal NERC Proposals Review Group and the key dates for the next upcoming round under Demand Management measures, please visit our dedicated NERC Internal Demand Management page.

EPSRC Strategic Equipment

For further detail please contact Mark Bambury.

EPSRC strongly encourages a strategic approach to the submission of business cases and therefore the College has agreed the following internal selection process, in an effort to manage the timing of bids for maximal success and to provide an opportunity for Professor Mary Ryan, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise), to offer institutional approval to bids.

Round 3:
  • Noon Tuesday 6 June 2023 – Candidates to submit their business case to researchoffice.fundingstrategy@imperial.ac.uk (attn. Mark Bambury)
  • End of June 2023 –Decisions announced as soon as possible
  • No EPSRC deadline for outline submissions (EPSRC advise that applicants should target submission by Late-August to meet anticipated Outline Panel date)
  • Tbc by EPSRC (Anticipated to be September 2023) -  EPSRC Outline Panel date
  • Tbc by EPSRC – EPSRC deadline for full applications
  • Tbc by EPSRC – EPSRC Interview Panel date (provisional)

Additional information can be found on the EPSRC Strategic Equipment process webpage

Upcoming calls

Below are the calls that have been pre-announced and are expected to need management.