Group Members

1. All SPAT Members

All offices are in the Huxley Building unless otherwise stated.

Name Extension Room Job Title

Sabadosh, Azra

47396 B704 Senior Section Administrator space.sec

Mulholland, Ciara

41343 B704 Senior Section Administrator space.sec

Owen, David

47770 B704 Assistant Section Administrator space.sec
Adeli, Nasir 47545 6M68 Instrument Engineer n.adeli
Alconcel, Leah 47759 6M62 Operations Engineer l.alconcel
Allen, Tony 47778 6M68 Sen. Scientific & Managerial Officer a.allen
Bantges, Richard 47664 719 Scientific Project Manager r.bantges
Beek, Trevor 47764 6M59 Technician t.beek
Ben Slama, Mehdi 47545 6M68 PG student mehdi.ben-slama09
Bellisario, Christophe 47774  714 Research Associate c.bellisario
Belmonte, Teruca 48184 711A  Research Associate  m.belmonte-sainz-ezquerra
Bendyk, Maciej 47764 6M59 Electronic Instrumentation Engineer m.bendyk
Beth, Arnaud 47661 720B Research Associate a.beth
Brindley, Helen 47673 720A Senior Lecturer h.brindley
Broadbridge, Maria 41402 708 Research Associate m.broadbridge
Brophy, Keiran 47675 709 PG student kieran.brophy13
Brown, Patrick 47768 6M59 Senior Research Officer patrick.brown
Bruneau, Nicolas 47686 719 Reearch Associate n.bruneau
Carnielli, Gianluca 47661 720B PG Student gianluca.carnielli10
Carr, Chris 47765 mobex:57645 6M65 Senior Research Lecturer c.m.carr
Carrasco, Isaias 47545 6M68  Instrument Operations/Calibration Engineer i.carrasco-blazquez
Chen, Christopher 41155 6M57 STFC Rutherford Fellow christopher.chen
Clear, Christian 48184 711A PG Student c.clear14
Cobb, Alison  47675 728 PG Student a.cobb15
Corsaro, Carlo  47675 728 PG Student c.corsaro13
Cupido, Emanuele 47762 6M59 Research Officer e.cupido
Czaja, Arnaud 41789 726 Reader a.czaja
Dansey, Natasha 47774 714 PG Student n.dansey16
Davies, Ewen   6M67A PG Student ewen.davies11
Dougherty, Michèle 47757 6M70 Professor, FRS m.dougherty
Eastwood, Jonathan 48101 6M63 Lecturer jonathan.eastwood
Forsyth, Bob 47761 6M64 Reader r.forsyth
Fox, Peter 47764 6M59 Instrument Calibration Engineer peter.fox10
Galand, Marina  41771 718 Reader m.galand
Gibbins, Goodwin 47675 709 PG Student r.gibbins15
Gingell, Imogen 47766 6M71 Research Associate i.gingell
Good, Simon 47761 6M64 Research Associate simon.good07
Graven, Heather 45226 707 Lecturer h.graven
Gryspeerdt, Edward 47900 711B Junior Research Fellow e.gryspeerdt
Hage, Alexander 41402 708 PG Student a.hage12
Haigh, Joanna 47671 717 Professor, FRS j.haigh
Hardwick, Stephen 41402 708 PG Student stephen.hardwick10
Heritier, Kevin 47661 720B PG Student k.heritier15
Horbury, Tim 47676 6M72 Professor t.horbury
Hunt, Gregory 47766 6M71 Research Associate g.hunt
Kasoar, Matthew 47774 714 Research Associate m.kasoar12
Kellock, Steve 47760 709B Instrument Manager s.kellock
Krupar, Vratislav 47766 6M71 Research Associate v.krupar
Larndorfer, Christoph 47762 6M59 Instrument Engineer c.larndorfer
Last, Alan 47662 710A Technician a.last
Leahy, Thomas 47675 709 PG Student t.leahy14
Lester, Joanna 47675 709 PG Student j.lester16
Li, Yi 47774 714 PG Student y.li14
Liang, Minyi 47677 708 PG Student m.liang14
Liggins, Florence  48184 711A PG Student f.liggins11
Mangeon, Stephane  41402 708 PG Student stephane.mangeon12
McAdam, Ronan  41402 708 PG Student ronan.mcadam11
Masters, Adam  46225 6M69 Royal Society URF a.masters
Matteini, Lorenzo  47775 6M62 Research Associate l .matteini
Mejnertsen, Lars   6M67A PG Student lars.mejnertsen10
Mistry, Rishi 47545 6M68 PG Student rishi.mistry09
Mueller-Wodarg, Ingo 47674 6M56 Reader i.mueller-wodarg
Murray, Jon 47662 710A Research Fellow j.murray
O'Brien, Helen 47762 6M59 Instrument Manager h.obrien
Oddy, Tim 47764 6M59 Operations Engineer t.oddy
Parfitt, Rhys 47774 714 Research Associate r.parfitt10
Parks, Robbie 47675 709 PG Student r.parks15
Phibbs, Sam 47774 714 PG Student s.phibbs12
Phillipson, Luke 47774 714 PG Student l.phillipson14
Pickering, Juliet 47763 706 Professor j.pickering
Quilodran, Cesar 41402 708 PG Student cesar.quilodran-casas13
Redmond, Grace  47675 728 PG Student g.redmond15
Rufus, James 47665 719 Research Associate j.rufus
Russell, Jacqui 47896 offsite Research Fellow j.e.russell
Schwartz, Steve 47660 6M58 Professor s.schwartz
Seales, Amy  41402 708 PG Student a.seales13
Siddle, Alexander   6M67A PG Student a.siddle16
Southwood, David  48184 711A Professor, SRI d.southwood
Sparks, Nathan 47675 728 Innovations Researcher n.sparks07
Stansby, David   6M67A PG Student david.stansby14
Stawarz, Julia 47766 6M71 Research Associate j.stawarz
Thomas, Rebecca 47675 709 PG Student r.thomas14
Toumi, Ralf 47668 713 Professor, Head of Group r.toumi
Trivedi, Arjav 41402 708 PG Student arjav.trivedi09
van Sebille, Eric 47900 711B Lecturer e.van-sebille
Varma, Sunil 47675 709 PG Student s.varma13
Voulgarakis, Apostolos 41968 725 Lecturer a.voulgarakis
Wang, Shuai 47675 709 PG Student shuai.wang13
Whiteside, Barry 47898 6M62 Instrumentation Engineer barry.whiteside08
Williams, Sian 47774  714 PG Student sian.williams07
Zika, Jan 47900 711B NERC Research Fellow j.zika

2. Academic Staff and Scientific Interests

NameGroup responsibilities and scientific interests
Dr Helen Brindley
Senior Lecturer
 Atmospheric Physics; PG admissions
Chris Carr
Senior Research Lecturer
Space instrumentation
Dr Arnaud Czaja
Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions
Prof Michele Dougherty
Professor, FRS
Planetary Science
Dr Jonathan Eastwood
Space Weather; Collisionless plasmas; Magnetic reconnection
Dr Bob Forsyth
Heliospheric physics
Dr Marina Galand
Planetary Upper Atmospheres; Cometary science
Dr Heather Graven
Carbon Cycle
Prof Joanna Haigh
Professor, FRS
Atmospheric Radiation, Climate Modelling
Prof Tim Horbury
Solar Wind; Magnetosphere; Turbulence
Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg
Planetary Upper Atmospheres
Prof Juliet Pickering
Atmospheric Physics and Laboratory Spectroscopy
Prof Steve Schwartz
Earth's bow shock and related space plasma kinetics
Prof David Southwood
Professor, SRI
Space plasma physics; planetary science
Prof Ralf Toumi
Head of Group; Atmospheric Physics
Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis
Atmospheric Physics

Dr Erik van Sebille

Ocean Physics
Academic Staff

3. Senior and Honorary Staff



Scientific Interests

Prof. Andre Balogh
(Emeritus Professor)

Imperial College

Heliospheric and Magnetospheric Physics

Dr. Ken Bignell
(Honorary Visiting Lecturer)

Imperial College


Prof. Peter Cargill
(Emeritus Professor/ Senior Research Investigator)

Imperial College / University of St Andrews

Physics of Sun, Solar Wind and Magnetosphere

Prof. John Harries (Emeritus Professor)

Imperial College

Atmospheric Physics

Dr. Matt Owens
(Honorary Lecturer)

University of Reading

Space Physics

Dr. Wenyi Zhong
(Honorary Research Fellow)

Imperial College

Atmospheric Physics


4. Visiting Professors and Researchers

The following scientists have close associations with the Group as visiting professors or researchers, supporting and broadening the Group's research base:

Dunlop, Malcolm Visiting Professor
Harrison, Richard Visiting Professor
Lockwood, Mike Visiting Professor
Mendillo, Michael Visiting Professor
Rapley, Chris Visiting Professor
Thompson, Mike Visiting Professor
Archer, Martin Visiting Researcher
Arcucci, Rossella Visiting Researcher
Bekki, Slimane Visiting Researcher
Blackie, Douglas Visiting Researcher
Green, Paul Visiting Reseacher
Hietala, Heli Visiting Researcher
Liu, Longbo Visiting Researcher 
Lucek, Elizabeth  Visiting Researcher
Mushtaq, Sohail Visiting Researcher
Orr, Andrew Visiting Researcher
Ray, Licia Visiting Researcher
Sohet, Benoit Visiting Researcher
Vigren, Erik Visiting Researcher
Wicks, Robert Visiting Researcher
Zhang, Han Zhang Visiting Researcher



5. Fax and General Phone Numbers

Name Room Number Extension
Cassini SOPC area  Huxley 709a  47902
Cassini Meeting Room  Huxley 705  41454
Space Magnetometer Laboratory  Huxley 6M59  47762/4
EOCF Laboratory  Huxley 712  47669
EOCF Laboratory  Blackett 218  47568
EOCF Office  Blackett 218  47570
Space and Atmospheric Meeting Room  Huxley 711c  

SPAT fax number: 020-7594-7772 (located in 6M68)

Note: To connect to a five digit internal telephone number XXXXX, phone 020-759XXXXX. When dialling from outside the UK, replace the 020- code with +4420-.

6. Some former SPAT group members

Some former SPAT group members (with the name of their first affiliation after leaving us):