Please see below the FAQs for managers and new starters:


Why have Essentials?

Imperial College Essentials (Essentials) cover the critical areas of safety, information security and the working environment, and has been developed to ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities and expected behaviours whilst working at the College.

Who is this meant for?

Currently Essentials is targeted at all new starters to the College.

How will my new staff member be provided with a physical booklet when they start?

All new members of staff complete a day one safety induction form in order to receive their College ID card. All staff will be issued with a booklet from security on their first day of employment at the College.

What time frame does my new starter have to complete Essentials?

Imperial College Essentials (Essentials) are part of standard induction,  and should be completed in the first 6 months. Academics with different probation arrangements are still expected to complete within 6 months. You are expected to check your new staff’s progress at varying stages during those 6 months to ensure they are on track to successful completion.

How will I know when any training has been completed?

Some of the required online training will automatically generate an email informing you of the ‘date completed’ and whether the member of staff has passed. Where the training or learning is not online, you are responsible for ensuring that your new team member has understood the information. 

What resources are available to me?

All resources for Imperial College Essentials can be found on the website.  

How often will this be audited?

Imperial College Essentials will be audited as part of the PRDP process and you will be asked on the PRDP form to confirm that you have checked within the previous twelve months that all Essentials are up to date. At the moment, there is no requirement to go through the Essentials during the PRDP discussion.

Why are these areas essential?

The College needs to ensure that our staff are safe, comply with the law and contribute to Imperial College being a great place to work.

Who decided what was "essential"?

All aspects of the Essentials have been endorsed and supported by the Provost’s Board.

When would Essentials training need refreshing?

Some of the online elements of Essentials have stipulated times for refreshing – these will be clearly stated as part of the course.  For other elements, the yearly audit should include a discussion with each individual to ensure they feel that their knowledge is up to date – if it isn’t, then they would need to revisit some of the information or training. Any changes or additions to Essentials requirements will be communicated to all staff via our standard communication channels; any other information will be on the Essentials webpages.

When am I required to audit progress?

A line manager is required to review the booklet with the new starter at varying stages during the initial 6 months of employment at the College. 

Where can I learn more about Imperial Expectations?

Information on Imperial Expectations can be found here.

I have more questions, who can I talk to about this?

You can talk with your HR Partner for further information.

New starters

Why have Essentials?

Imperial College Essentials (Essentials) cover the critical areas of safety, information security and the working environment, and has been developed to ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities and expected behaviours whilst working at the College.

What does this mean for me?

Imperial College Essentials (Essentials) form part of your induction and cover significant information and training that you must know as a new member of staff in your first six months. If you are a new member of academic staff, you are also required to complete Essentials during your first six months and not wait until the end of your probation.

Are Essentials mandatory?

Yes - Essentials cover what you must know as a new member of staff in your first six months and cover significant information and training. Completion of Essentials will be checked as part of your probation review, if you a have six-month probationary period.

How do I book onto the training?

All training can be found on the Imperial College Essentials website.  All you need to do is select the intended box.

What time frame do I have to complete Essentials?

Imperial College Essentials (Essentials) must be completed during the first 6 months of your employment.

I am unable to complete some of the required training, is that okay?

Ideally, Essentials should be completed within six months.  Should this prove absolutely impossible, this needs to be indicated on your end of probation document. Please note, completion of your probation and any pay increment may be delayed until all the requirements have been completed. 

What if my manager does not allow me time to do training?

Managers have been made aware of their responsibility to ensure that you are given sufficient time to complete the required training and suggested reading. If you find any difficulty, please contact your HR Partner.

Is there a way to prioritise which elements to do first?

There is no set order, and we recommend that you discuss this with your manager. We hope that providing estimated timeframes contributes toward the new starter and manager having a conversation about which ones would be better to complete first (we recommend the lengthier courses).

I have more questions, who can I talk to about this?

You should talk with your HR Partner for further information; alternatively, you can send an email to