Welcome to Imperial Essentials

Imperial PeopleWe aim to equip Imperial managers and staff with relevant and up-to-date training and information about compliance and Imperial expectations around this. We are committed to creating and maintaining high standards of health, safety and welfare across Imperial. Whilst on university business, it is your responsibility to take reasonable care of your own and others' safety by adopting safe working practices and making proper use of the safety facilities and guidance provided.

'Must do' Compliance training for all Imperial staff - the six Imperial Essentials Compliance courses shown on the right-hand side of this page that all staff must complete to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • If you are new, you are expected to complete this training within the first six months of joining Imperial.
  • Existing staff are expected to complete this training every two years.
  • Month One Safety Training (MOST) is an introductory overview of safety that only needs to be completed once. If you completed the course before September 2015, you are expected to do it again.

Please note: Some staff roles or groups may have additional compliance training to complete, locally managed.