Management Team
 JW Professor Jennifer Whyte
Centre Director, Laing O’Rourke / Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Systems Integration
 DF Professor David Fisk
Executive Director
TG Tim Gordon
Centre Administrator
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Our team

Internal management group

 Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis
Lecturer in Urban Engineering
 Dr Marco Aurisicchio Dr Marco Aurisicchio
AHRC Design Fellow and a Lecturer in Engineering Design
 Dr David Birch Dr David Birch
Research Associate (Research and Systems Manager - Data Science Institute)
 Dr Arnab Majumdar Dr Arnab Majumdar
Senior Lecturer
 Dr Ana Mijic Dr Ana Mijic
Lecturer in Urban Water Management
 Ochieng Professor Washington Y Ochieng
Professor in Positioning & Navigation Systems
 Ruiz-Teran Dr Ana Ruiz-Teran
Senior Lecturer
 Smith Professor Stephen Smith
Professor of Bioresource Systems
 Ivan Stoianov Dr Ivan Stoianov
Senior Lecturer in Water Systems Engineering
 Vollum Dr Robert Vollum
Reader in Concrete Studies
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Postdocs / PhD students

 Niki Avgeraki Niki Avgeraki
Research Postgraduate

 Nils Goldbeck
Nils Goldbeck
Analysing the resilience and interdependency of urban infrastructure systems, Oct2014 - Sep2018

 Tim Haughton
Tim Haughton
Research Postgraduate
 Leo Hsu
Leo Hsu
PhD Student
Long Chen Long
Research Postgraduate
Bradley Pring Bradley Pring
PhD Student
 Feng Feng Shi
Research Postgraduate
Ranjith Soman

Ranjith Soman
Integrated framework for interactive visualization and automated data collection, Feb2017 - Aug2020

Saeed Saeed Tahmasebi
PhD student
Tanawan Wee

Tanawan Wee
Systems Engineering Framework for Efficient Product Planning of Modular Building Systems, 2015-2018


Ruoheng Zhang
PhD student

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Academics associated with the centre

 Professor Nick Buenfeld Professor Nick Buenfeld
Head of Department of Civil & Environmental Enginering
 Professor David Gann Professor David Gann
Vice-President (Development and Innovation)
  Professor Christopher Cheeseman Professor Christopher Cheeseman
Professor of Materials Resources Engineering
 Dr John Craske Dr John Craske
Research Fellow
 Dr Christian Onof Dr Christian Onof
MSc Course Director
 Professor John Polak Professor John Polak
Professor of Transport Demand
 Dr Sunday Popo-Ola Dr Sunday Popo-Ola
Research and Teaching Fellow
 Dr Hong Wong Dr Hong Wong
Senior Lecturer
 Professor Erol Gelenbe Professor Erol Gelenbe
Professor in the Dennis Gabor Chair, Head of ISN
 Professor Tim Green Professor Tim Green
Director of the Energy Futures Laboratory (EFL)
 Professor Robin Grimes Professor Robin Grimes
Professor of Materials Physics
 Dr Nick Leon Dr Nick Leon
Head of Service Design Programme
 Professor Cedo Maksimovic Professor Cedo Maksimovic
Professorial Research Fellow
 Professor Nilay Shah Professor Nilay Shah
Professor of Process Systems Engineering
Wei Pan Mr Wei Pan
International Visitor, Executive Director of HKU Centre for Innovation in Construction
 Ben Kidd Ben Kidd
Research Programmes Manager Civil Engineering
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Advisory Board

 Graham Herries Graham Herries
Director of Digital Technologies, Engineering Excellence Group Laing O'Rourke
 Adam Locke Adam Locke
Partnership and Innovation Leader, Engineering Excellence Group Laing O'Rourke
Chris Millard Chris Millard
Head of Engineering Excellence, Laing O'Rourke
  Nabil Abou-Rahme Nabil Abou-Rahme
Global Head of Smart Infrastructure, Mott MacDonald
 Mike Williams Mike Williams
Director of Academic Relations, Project Production
David Robertson David Robertson
Director of  BIM Academies, Bentley Systems
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 Selected CSEI Alumni
 Dr Bani Anvari Dr Bani Anvari
Research Associate
Dr Marianna Micallef Dr Marianna Micallef
Post-doctoral Researcher
Dr Sarah Noye Dr Sarah Noye
Jean-Paul Vella Jean-Paul Vella
Development of Novel Connection Methods between Precast Concrete Panels, Nov2013 - Nov2017
Mikela Mikela Chatzimichailidou
Honorary Research Associate