Dr Bani Anvari Dr Bani Anvari
Research Associate
 Dr Marianna Micallef Dr Marianna Micallef
Post-doctoral Researcher
 Dr Sarah Noye Dr Sarah Noye
 Jean-Paul Vella Jean-Paul Vella
Development of Novel Connection Methods between Precast Concrete Panels, Nov2013 - Nov2017
 Mikela Mikela Chatzimichailidou
Honorary Research Associate
 Tanawan Wee Tanawan Wee
Systems Engineering Framework for Efficient Product Planning of Modular Building Systems, 2015-2018
Nils Goldbeck Nils Goldbeck
Analysing the resilience and interdependency of urban infrastructure systems, Oct2014 - Sep2018
Long Dr Chen Long
Research Associate
Annie Wang Dr Annie Wang
Research Associate - Centre visitor 2019
Marcus Marcus Wallbaum
Researcher - Research page
Karim Dr Ibrahim Karim
Research Associate - Research page
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