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Senior Lecturer in Biodiversity



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My research investigates the processes generating, sustaining and structuring biodiversity. I use a combination of experimental, phylogenetic and spatial mapping approaches to test theory, and to explain microevolutionary and macroevolutionary patterns over a range of spatial and temporal scales. Most of this work uses the world's birds as a study system, but increasingly focuses on other components of biodiversity, from primates and reef fish to insects and plants. I am interested in using these insights to help us predict and manage the response of ecosystems to global change, with applications from biodiversity conservation to environmental policy. Although recent work is global in scope, my main interest lies in tropical systems, especially tropical rainforests.

Current areas of interest are:

  • Sensory ecology, signal evolution, and cultural evolution
  • Speciation and diversification
  • Community assembly and species interactions
  • Ecological and functional impacts of climate and land-use change
  • Sustainable management of ecosystem function and services

For recent news and more information about the activities of my research group, see the Biodiversity Group website.

For a full list of publications, see here.



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