EU Commissioner visit

Providing strategic advice on developing relationships with international institutions, countries or regions


In principle, institutional partnerships should build on strong existing collaborations at the individual or departmental level. If you would like to set up a new collaboration or inform us of an existing link, please contact the appropriate Regional Officer who can advise on existing collaborations with the same institution or region.

There are different types of collaborations and depending on the collaboration, different steps should be undertaken:

  • Educational collaborations/exchange programs – if the collaboration involves degree mobility including year abroad and Erasmus and other exchanges, please check the relevant Registry pages and contact them for advice; for non-degree mobility (such as International Research Opportunities Programme “IROP” or PhD Global Fellows Programme) please visit Global Opportunities, or contact our Mobility and Programmes Officer, Laura Bulmer
  • Research collaborations – please contact the appropriate Regional Office
  • Industry collaborations – please contact Corporate Partnerships
  • Departmental or faculty level collaborations – please consult with your Head of Department or Faculty Dean but also inform the relevant Regional Officer


The International Relations Office coordinates high-level visits to Imperial, involving for example senior management of other universities, diplomats, government officials and funding agencies. We usually concentrate on College-wide, cross-Faculty visits of strategic importance to the College, but please feel free to also reach out to us regarding department-level visits, where we can still provide a briefing on Imperial’s collaborations with the country, but won’t be able to assist with the actual delivery of the visit.


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a non-legally binding document that states a general desire to cooperate in certain areas. 

If you would like to establish a MoU with an international partner, please dowload the MoU Due Diligence Form and contact the relevant Regional Officer.